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  1. What size are front and rear wheel spindles?

    Africa Twin
    Quick question - what size are the front and rear wheel spindles on an RD07a? It's persisting down outside so can't get the bike out to look and feel like doing some lathework tonight It's first day of half term and the kids are driving me nuts so will make a couple of bearing drifts to chill...
  2. Brake Caliper Refurbishment AT

    Product Reviews
    Hi Peeps Had my spare set of calipers done by Nick and he's done a fantastic job Quote from another thread with his contact details "Hi all :wink: FYI Still about, moved house plus some other stuff, mainly working on my own bikes. Plus i forgot my log on password.......... Websites down til...
  3. RD07A wheel spacers - front - help

    Africa Twin
    Hi all just re assembling my news wheels which have been superbly rebuild by Paul at SFX. However, whilst the wheels were away, i decided to clean up all the axle spindles and spacers. - now whilst re-assembling, I’ve mixed up the spacers for the front and back:rolleyes:. The front spacer is...
  4. dommi supermoto

    Dominator / FMX
    Thought i would change my dommi to supermoto, some cagiva wheels and a brembo 4 pot caliper later and hey presto , changed the bearings in the wheels to fit my spindles and new spacers and the wheels fit really well, i had to alter my speedo drive to fit the cagiva wheel . 1 ally bracket made...
  5. bike trailer brain ache....please help

    Hi guys and galls, well ive searched the entire web and cant find any answers so here i am hoping your brain will help as mine has ended. basically i bought a trailer for my husky and took the hub appart to check out the bearings. after dremmeling the thread clean and soaking with thread...
  6. Cruise Control!

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm getting old it would seem. I went to the drag racing at Santa Pod the other weekend, it's a 2 hour run each way and I ended up suffering some carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist. Last summer I took my FZS600 to France and suffered a similar fate. Looking on ebay the cruise controls seem...
  7. XR Spindle sizes?

    I will shortly be putting my 'left over' wheels for sale on Ebay after selling my xr250r to 'mauser'. I need help to confiirm which models i can state that they will fit. They appear to have 14mm ID bearings on the front wheel and 17mm ID bearings on the rear wheel. They were used on my...
  8. Wheel Engineer / boffin question

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I'm looking at my ducati project sitting in the shed, problem i have at moment : CBR wheels are for 20mm spindle. The ducati spindles are 17mm. Could i fit a 20mm stainless tube into the wheels (with 1.5mm wall thickness) so the 17mm spindles would fit ???????? (the reason is its got 16"...