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  1. Spinning frame bolt and oil pipe question

    Dominator / FMX
    Spinning frame bolt and oil pipe question NX 650 Dominator - Now with oil change pics Hi Guys I wanted to strip the bike back a bit today to perform some maintenance and hit issues right away. Nothing major but slowed me down a bit. Firstly to remove the seat I have a side bolt spinning in...
  2. XLV750R ooh a bargin??????

    Africa Twin
    HONDA XLV750R Idle reseach.... came across this Pish above the bike is worth £1500 and its an ongoing restoration by their experts.....:D if its worth that then I have £14,000 worth rowed up as ongoing restorations really love this bit : "The bike is the Black and Gold model...
  3. No Electrics

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello. Can anyone help with a problem on my 1988 Dominator, I've only had the bike just over a week and after a couple of small issues with one thing and another it was running a treat until last night. When I came to start it after work the starter solenoid was clicking and not...
  4. 96' TA600 - knock-knock sound in drive

    Hi folks, So I'm in the middle of an EU roadtrip and have started developing a particular knock-knock, or clunk-clunk, whatever your poison... its a rhythmic double sound followed by a short pause, repeat. Most audible in first to third gears and either goes away above 40mph, or I can't hear...
  5. The Wings Tour 2014: Leg One

    What is the connection between motorcycles and airplanes? Growing up with a father who was fascinated by both, my youth was spent scouring the countryside for dusty barn finds, spinning a greasy wrench and flying, in the air and on the ground, wind in my face. It seemed that most of my dad's...
  6. Is it normal?

    Africa Twin
    I have no front sprocket on and after servicing the bike stated it up, the bike is in neutral, the neutral light is on, but the shaft was spinning around. I didn't test to see if any resistance as I didn't want to rip my fingers off. Is this normal or its it a clutch problem?
  7. Yet another Tripmeter thread - intermittent signal?

    Africa Twin
    For its first 17000 miles my Tripmeter behaved impeccably, but it has now developed an intermittent fault in which the electronic signal that the Tripmeter uses keeps cutting in and out. It's a pain, obviously, because I like to use one of the trip distance readouts as my fuel gauge, and now...
  8. Gentlemen doing Lunch, GET DIRTY!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    t'was 10am, the sun was shining and the day bode fair as the intrepid threesome met at the agreed rendezvous, the Mile End Service station at Oswestry. Home of overpriced "food" and fuel. steveR, ostensibly the Run leader on the "sensible" lightweight NX400 Anive, riding the trusty Transalp...
  9. Wobbly rear sprocket

    Mechanical Advice
    I have just had a new tyre fitted to the Vara ready for the new "season" and popped it back in this morning after cleaning the caliper and putting new pads in. I just checked the tension and line of the rear tyre before finally tightening up the rear nut and ran the engine up and popped it into...
  10. Ricor Intiminators, Slugs and Mitas Tyres E10s and E09 Dakar

    Product Reviews
    Well I had the intiminators and slugs fitted and gave it a short run to the Yonderman with Dave, my lad in tow on the DR350 and then a proper run on the way down to the Welsh Invasion Initial impressions Slugs I have these set to raise the front up 40mm. This is as much as the cables and...
  11. Odometer Stuck 33999

    Africa Twin
    Hello, I have a 1994 Africa Twin, runs like a dream, I absolutely love it. However a few days ago the odometer got stuck on 33999 the last white digit keeps spinning though. Anyone has any idea how to fix that?
  12. Problems in Jaipur!

    Africa Twin
    Hi All I am having some trouble in Jaipur India, managed to get here from London but changing my battery I have connected the R&R the wrong way and burnt it out, I fitted a spare from a friend who has a 650 transalp, it has the same wires as my mosfet one. But now the bike wont start, I...
  13. any one know where to buy a piece of textile material to patch bike gear

    the heat shield is missing off my transalp . the bolts snaped in the nuts on the back heat shield as I was takeing of the exaust to repair it . a couple of weeks ago while out rideing with my 9 year old boy we stoped at a tree to collect some conkers ( his mothers idea men out spinning around on...
  14. Long term Storage (2 years)

    Mechanical Advice
    Ladies and gents, I'm preparing to stable the AT for 2 years as i'm leaving Europe and the AT hasn't left my heart which means I'm not prepared to sell it. The plan is - Inflate tyres to max pressure - Drain fuel - Run motor until fuel is out of carbs - Replace coolant - Replace oil and filter...
  15. @T won't start

    Africa Twin
    Hey peeps, A fortnight ago I arrived back from a two week road trip in dusty Morocco with my @T where is performed faultlessly. Today I wanted to take the bike out for the first time following the trip but it wouldn't start. Symptoms : The bike originally fired a couple times but then...
  16. Africa Twin down. Insurance advice required, please help

    Africa Twin
    I'm annoyed and I need some sound advice please guys; Thursday evening, sitting stationary in Earls Court traffic, I was hit from behind by a scab cab. He hit me hard enough to lift myself and my twin off the ground, so the back wheel was free spinning and my feet were off the tarmac...
  17. Bar end mirrors for the XR and DRZ.

    Bodgers Corner
    Although I love riding the XR and the little spin that I've had on the DRZ, the one thing that I've missed is being able to see what's coming up behind me on the road when going to and from the trails. This can be a particular PITA while wearing goggles as it gives you, for want of a better...
  18. Which tyres do you reccomend? 1998 600 Translap. (and waffle)

    Evening, I would like your opinion on tyres please. My riding experience covers all types of bike over 16 years, commuting all year round in all weathers and playing at the weekends. I brought my 1998 600 Translap this July after the last 8 years on a 955i Daytona, which was reluctantly sold...
  19. Brrrrr, it's cold!

    Probably the last ride for this season. :( Expecting snow in the comming week. Started at 11AM after some oil changes on the old one. (The red bike, not me). Got home at 1800 well after dark, and driving at -2 degrees celcius for the last two hours. We had -8 the night before, so a lot of the...
  20. Xr 250 starting

    I have a 96 electric start (import) xr 250 that has no spark. I've been advised it may be the generator that's gone but before I buy a new one I'd like to be able to confirm this. I think I've identified the stator leads (green/ green and white/ yellow and black) and don't get any voltage or...