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  1. 1991 Tranny 600V spits back badly on overrun

    Anyone any suggestions please? Bloody embarrassing going through town. Cheers
  2. Scrambler test ride..

    I have just had my first test ride on my Dommie since I fitted the Keihin FCR41mm flatside carb and the modified footrests that my son got welded up for me.:D:D:D My first thoughts were "holy crap" and WTF as the bike shot off like a scolded cat....:D:D:D If any of you Dommie riders have not...
  3. Transalp XL700 Exhaust Silencer

    Hi all! I figure you guys are best fit to deal with this query. Have had my 2010 XL700 Transalp for 3 years (or will have come August) and it is a beauty of a bike, even if I have had to sort out some issues. However, the standard Honda exhaust silencer gave up yesterday and now instead of...
  4. help needed ,no tickover

    Dominator / FMX
    I cannot get my dominator engine to tick over at all,it runs ok when started on the choke and if I increase the idle speed screw but as soon as I try to lower the idle it tries to stall and spits back in the air cleaner then stops with a clank noise which I assume is the auto decompressor. I am...
  5. Summer 2015 Bears, Fish eagles, beavers and painted ladies,,, Germany at its best

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Summer 2015 Bears, Fish eagles, beavers and painted ladies,,, Germany at its best. Fiona and myself decided our summer break this year would be to join our friends Pete and Debs on a tour of the Frankishche Schweiz area of Bayrouth, Germany. Peters parents live in Bamberg and his brother had...
  6. Getting in and out of Santander the easy way.

    The motorways are a horrendous mess, in the process of being built, avoid; diversions everywhere. Satnav was baffled as well, the trip out was not much fun. BUT there is an alternative, going out of town get the N611 followed by the N634. Straight out of the city in a few km onto lovely bendy...
  7. Grampian motorcycle convention

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today Fiona and myself went over to Alford, Aberdeenshire for the main bike event in the NE of Scotland. I took the mighty Varadero and Fiona took her BMW 650GS, we travelled from Elgin to Alford via Craigellachie, Dufftown and Rhynie, a lovely scenic route including the singe track road over...
  8. Pyrenees and Humm

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So Mel and Myself book a week off and set off to the Pyrenees. After seriously good bacon butties and coffee at Stormforce and Annettes we head for Portsmouth and board the Ferry. Of course after viewing Mels amazing new build and chattin to Jonathon about its gizmos. Well done its a seriously...
  9. Riding in my TA

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    At Last! In the first three days of owning my new TransAlp I only managed to ride 60km. According to the weather man we’d have a few hours without rain today, so today was to be the day. The TA (who is yet to be named) will have it’s first taste of gravel. The first gravel on my new bike just...