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  1. Rear brake lever spline compatible / interchangeable .... ?

    I'd like to experiment with a modification to the rear brake lever of my XL700 Transalp but want to keep my original lever in case it goes horribly wrong! Are the splines the same across the different Transalp models (or any other Hondas)? This would open up the choice of spare parts/price...
  2. sprockets for 88-89 motor

    Dominator / FMX
    I currently have a 1990 ish motor (without kickstart) that is in need of a rebuild. I have found a good 1988 motor.I believe the early motors had different splines on the gearbox shaft. I am asking because I currently have a 14 tooth sprocket fitted because the motor is in a sidecar that I...
  3. what to look for on used RD03

    Africa Twin
    Going to look at an RD03 this weekend. Any specifics to look for? I will be checking wheels/front end for play, rust issues and just overall condition. My concern more for the sprocket spline issue I suppose. Other than worn splines anything else there to look for when I check it out. Hoping...
  4. front sprocket

    Well, that's weird. I just fitted a very lightly used chain and sprocket set bought from Germany, in great condition. The front sprocket looks to be a genuine Honda one with '15K' stamped in the rubber. It has no visible wear on its teeth yet it is a sloppy, wobbly fit on the shaft. The...
  5. Wanted: NX650 cylinder head, countershaft, gear linkage shaft

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am looking to source a NX650 cylinder head with no exhuast studs snapped off in it! Also need a countershaft as the splines on mine are gone and likewise for the gear lever shaft. Thanks, Chris.
  6. Speedo gear

    Dominator / FMX
    Evening all sorry to bring up this issue again but had my speedo checked today 1999 Dommie and the splines on the blue cog in the housing driven off the front wheel is knackered does anyone know where I can get this single piece as opposed to having to buy the whole kit thank you. Jason
  7. Front sprocket tab washer

    Africa Twin
    I have just picked up a new chain and sprocket kit for my 1992 RD04 Then discovered that I need a new tab washer, the splines on it are terminally shagged. I orderd one at the same time from M+P who waited five days before telling e that it is not listed as a part. Very helpful as I am spending...
  8. Worn output shaft easy fix?

    Africa Twin
    Just seen this on facebook and well worth the money if your splines are starting to wear and your worried....nothing to do with me but may be of use KKbike RED CAP 2.0 il salva millerighe per Africa Twin 750 - KKbikeshop
  9. Transalp 700 clicking noise from the driveline?

    Have noticed recently a loud clicking noise from what I think is the driveline, I can feel it through the foot pegs as well, particularly at lower speeds, sub 20mph, I've checked the chain and can't see any obvious tight spots, but have noticed the front sprocket has a lot of movement on the...
  10. Output shaft splines stuffed?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have just taken off the front sprocket (non-genuine by the looks), and I fear I have a worn output shaft. Here are a couple of photos, can someone who has experience with these tell me if I am right? I haven't another to compare it to... If it is what I fear, I gather I need to...
  11. XRV750 RD07 main drives shaft

    Africa Twin
    Hi Can anyone please help, I went to replace chain and sprockets, wanted to check if the drive shaft splines were worn, fitted new sprocket and I could not see any visible movement. This was with the bike in neutral so I put it in gear. I don't have any movement on the splines but have a lot of...
  12. Output shaft,dry or greased?

    Africa Twin
    As the above question,do you leave the output shaft dry or lubed,on my newly acquired A/T I removed the front sprocket and checked the output shaft for wear before i bought it and it seemed o.k. i forgot to check the spline wear on the sprocket though so i did at the weekend and found it to be...
  13. 15 tooth front sprocket

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know if there is a 15 tooth front sprocket that will fit the Twin? As long as the splines are the same are they inter-changable? It's only for using for the Big Bike Rally so I'm not fussed how long it lasts. It just beats using a 16 tooth front and having to change the 40 tooth...
  14. Gearbox output shaft querie

    Hello Thinking of buying a used TA and want to get this right. So as i understand it the splines get worn and you have to either change the shaft out or weld a new front sprocket on. So if i am looking at a bike and the splines look good is that the end of the problem presuming i keep the...
  15. RD04

    What's it worth?
    1990 with 59000 miles on the clock. Produro silencer, scott oiler and centre stand fitted. T+T but the splines are worn on the output shaft.
  16. which gaskets to use?

    Africa Twin
    Planning a countershaft swap on my 750L as the splines are dead. I priced up the shaft which was not too expensive but the gaskets for the whole job if I use Honda oem are approx £180+ vat - the supplier said they can get pattern ones for around £65+ vat per set. Anybody got any views on oem...
  17. XL650 14t Honda front sprocket wanted..

    Hi guys, In need of lower gearing for the muddy slow trails I seem to be getting onto ... so either need a 50t rear - but maybe clearence issues... or a 14t front which is available form jt sprockets BUT I really like the genuine Honda ones as the splines will take a hammering off road...
  18. Newbie questions r/r, countershaft splines...

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone!!! It's been a while since I registered in this forum and as a new AT owner I need some answers to a few queries I have. I have read a lot of threads but haven't come to a conclusion about which is the best way to keep the countershaft splines in good condition, lube or loctite...
  19. Fixing the splines on the countershaft

    Mechanical Advice
    I found this on a Swedish web forum. Bloggis | Countershaft wear - fix and prevent I know the author sometimes visit but I have not seen if he has linked to his own work. Anyway, all the credits to him ("Tramsvalp") for his work. It could very well be worth trying if your...
  20. TA splines: how to avoid the worst?

    Whynot's thread made me think: How could one limit the chances of / rate at which output splines might wear down? Something like smearing a gasket sealer over the splines to give a resisitant, elastic cushion to the sprocket's movement on acceleration/decceleration?