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  1. engine cases

    Hi Guys i'm having trouble splitting the bottom engine case on my 82 Xl500r, i have to replace the kick start return spring, i have the engine upside down on the head & I've removed all the exterior screws, are there any internal screws i have to remove & what is the best way to separate them...
  2. Warning ! Avon Tyre Splitting

    Beware This 2013 Avon tyre started to split after only 2,100 miles. Other riders have encountered the same problem with Avon Tyres. Spread the warning.
  3. Front wheel

    Evening peeps The front wheel on my 1999 600 Ta is showing signs of corrosion and splitting around the spokes :( Does anyone on here know if a front wheel off a 2000-2007 650 Ta would fit ,,,, Any help would be really appreciated as ive no idea :dontknow: Cheers Daz
  4. Splitting a crankcase

    Isn't as easy as Mr Haynes makes out (no surprises there then). I've removed the exhaust and all the crankcase bolts, but the case is glued in place with some of Mr Honda's special sealant. How do I pop the case off without damaging it? Any ideas? :confused: