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  1. 2002 Chugging as the Revs Go up

    Africa Twin
    Morning, I was taking my bike for a service yesterday, as a relatively new owner I was taking it in to get the fluids done, spark plugs etc along with new sprockets and a chain. On the way down the road I came off a RTB and gave her a twist of the wrist, it started chugging and choking at...
  2. hunting an spluttering

    Guys. ma 89 alp, just bought it, when ye open it up, it feels like its not getting the full power, it kinda feels like it has more to give.. especially when yer at around its 80mph mark, it wont go faster, but it keeps hunting kinda thing an ye kin feel it wants to do more being the trustworthy...
  3. Spluttering before I get to Morroco. HELP!

    So the bike is all loaded up on the truck and I'll meet it Malaga in about 3 days. I have given the bike a bit f a shakedown 120miles. All seemed good until I must have been down to the last litre or 2 in the tank and I started to get a splutter. I switched onto the reserve and all seemed well...