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  1. Africa Twin
    so I own both a crf1000 and rd07a. My crf1000 is having its wheels replaced under warranty due to spoke errosion. Question I have is could the old wheels be respoked to the rd07a hub as I love the gold wheels? Obviously assuming that the dealer will sell me the old wheels
  2. Dominator / FMX
    I would like to customise my FX650 and wonder if anyone has fitted alloy 3 spoke wheels [like those on a Suzuki GS500] to their Honda. If this is a doable how complex is it or is there an easy way of fitting wheels from another bike which need little modification. Any photos would be helpful.
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello, Forgive me for my approximate English is that of GOOGLE translation ^^. I am selling this pair of wheels from 650 africa twin MARARTHON. These are real reinforced wheels (the rim is bigger at the spoke nuts and the spokes are bigger too). These rims come from my MARATHON who will go to a...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi peeps, Has anyone had experience of registering an RD03 in the UK or any bike for that matter ? I have recently moved back from France and I have brought my trusty steed with me, now im in the process of trudging through the paperwork... The DVLA are asking for a certificate of conformity...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, I'm doing a street tracker conversion on my '94 Dommie. Pulled it out of the weeds after 6 years lying idle and the rear rim is rotted out. I've replaced the entire wheel and bought another rear to put on the front. Checking online for spoke length for the swap all I can find is one...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Hope everyone is well, I'm looking to get a spare set of rims for my RD03 so I could have a set with 80/20 tires and a set of full knobbly tires on. Could anyone help decode the stamping on the rim: "J 21x1.85 3 88 DOT" So the 21x1.85 is easy enough, what does the J and 3 88 DOT...
  7. Transalp
    Hi All, Following the attempted theft of my Transalp a few weeks ago, I now need a replacement ignition barrel, technically it still functions but they've shattered the casing and sheared the steering lock. I cant seem to find any on eBay (not in the UK at least) and Honda suppliers I've spoken...
  8. Africa Twin
    hey folks.. anybody know where I can get spoke sets for my RD07a..? front and back tried RR , but they seem to be out of stock.. ta iain
  9. XL
    Hi, all. Don't know where to post this. Honda UK, can't age proof my bike, ( too old) they have pointed me to a Honda club as a possible way of checking and age relating the bike. frame number and engine number. I have spoken to David silvers, who has provided some info and also pointed me to a...
  10. XL
    Good Day All, I'm rebuilding an 85 XL350r. The airbox was a pain to remove but I got it removed. Had the same issue with my 90s CR 250, seems Honda doesn't want us touching those airboxes. Question: Does the airbox come part? It seems like it's molded together between the 2-carb tubes and...
  11. Dominator / FMX
    Just out of interest. I've always pronounced it "Vigor", with a short "i" as in "pig". Just recently I've spoken to a couple of people who pronounced it "Veegor", with a long "e" as in "sheep". Then the other day one bloke said "Vygor" with a long "i" as in "wine" Any votes one way or the other?
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone interested in a 1999 xl600v front wheel hub twin disc, open to offers. The hub is in great shape no broken spoke mounts or stripped threads on disc mount bearings only 500 mile just over a year.
  13. Africa Twin
    Good afternoon everyone, I live in Portugal and I wanted to order online some new spokes (stainless steel) for my Africa Twin RD07 from 1993, I need it for the front rim and for the rear rim. Does anyone know to length / size of the spokes? I believe that the rear rim has at least two...
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for 5pcs of middle length spokes which are ~173mm (OEM number 426C0-MV1-000) If someone has the and is willing to post to Serbia please contact me on PM or here
  15. Transalp
    With my new to me transalp I acquired a spare front and rear wheel. The rear looks like a TA one but is silver & 36 spoke with heavier guage spokes, correct rim size 2.50x17, brake drum internal diameter 130 mm and 17 mm spindle hole. What is it from Xr/XL600 of late 80s. The front wheel is the...
  16. Africa Twin
    Ebay link WM6 x 17" - 32 spoke DID gold motorcycle rim Honda TransAlp Africa Twin more | eBay Seems cheap enough to me :thumbup:
  17. Varadero
    Hello, I want to build a rally bike. It shud look something like crf 450 rally or africa twin with hrc colors. I would like a 2 stroke bike, but I'm not allowed to drive more than 11 kW until I'm 18. At first i'm trying to find a good varadero and change the subframe and seat from a motocross...
  18. Transalp
    hello guys n gals, i need new stainless steel spokes for both wheels ( original ) does anyone have any ? or maybe even a pair of perfect rims ? the rear is awful and the front is pretty respectable ! ive buffed the rear amoungst many things & it still looks crap ! they just let it down so much i...
1-19 of 83 Results