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  1. Vigor or Veegor?

    Dominator / FMX
    Just out of interest. I've always pronounced it "Vigor", with a short "i" as in "pig". Just recently I've spoken to a couple of people who pronounced it "Veegor", with a long "e" as in "sheep". Then the other day one bloke said "Vygor" with a long "i" as in "wine" Any votes one way or the other?
  2. Damage assessment by Insurance companies

    Whealie, you have a pm re the contents of the title of this thread. Everyone else - I'll let you all know whats what once the Insurance GURU has spoken :thumbup: Steve T :cool:
  3. Executive Loos

    Does anyone work in an institution that still had toilets reserves for executive use only? I was told earlier on today about someone who was spoken to as they had gone and used the loos on the executive floor in their place of work. I really thought that sort of thing was in the past.
  4. This is an alpslapper annnouncement

    ive just spoken to the little man and he is alive....just:D his computer is down (i think it was sabotaged):evil4: SWMBO !! has told him if he doesn't get on with the house he will lose his nuts followed buy what left of the computer being inserted where the sun dont shine:D:D:D:D:D he...
  5. Garage Clearance

    For Sale / Wanted
    Free to a good home XRV750 origional exhaust gaurd spare XRV750 origional handlebars - Spoken for 1x orange lens for standard indicators (just the orange bit) Dont want any money for the above ... found them in the garage.
  6. Time for a new helmet

    My twin passed her MOT today after my off in december , but i cant ride her with my Shoei that i use on my gsxr (please dont be offended i am sensible) ;) So the last few weeks i have been putting off buying a Tour X in anticipation of the new Shoei Hornet DS , i have spoken to Bridges Exeter...
  7. What about an XRV Bikesafe Day at the Ace

    I've just spoken to the Bikesafe London organisers - they're happy for the XRV riders to have a day for themselves with the Metropolitan Police Motorcycle Task Force :cool: (to give them their proper title) for assessment, advanced riding theory and a couple of practical rides - AND LUNCH !!! :D...
  8. Clutch drag.

    Africa Twin
    Hi all...My clutch drags badly, I have changed the oil and it's at the correct level, adjusted the clutch cable to give the required freeplay and even spoken very nicely to her and promised not to thrash her next year. The clutch still drags!Any suggestions please would be welcomed. Si...
  9. Kenwood TK 3201

    Bike Comms & Audio
    found this on E Bay, this radio has been modified to take an external antenna which will make it work over very long distance (with the right antenna that is)...
  10. Lets talk about: The BMW GS1200 Adventure

    Other Bikes
    I thought I'd start a thread about the beastie, and I'd like to try and keep it direct and to the point rather than BMW bashing. I've spoken with a number of people here who are/will consider buying one at some point. I'm currently deciding my plan for the next 2 years, either leave the AT as...
  11. Warms The Cockles Of Your Heart.........

    .................when you get up on a Sunday and find it's absolutely p*****g down again. Just spoken to my daughter who lives in Sydney and she tells me they've just had another lovely day, and it's winter, while we're stuck with this crud. Makes you wonder, eh? She's just done her CBT over...
  12. BMW Off-Road Course

    Hi All, The BMW Off-Road Course is one of only two courses I have attended over the years where no notes are taken, no death by Power Point, all demonstration by international quality training instructors who get it right first time. If you like, it is a two-day apprenticeship with the...
  13. Recommend me a garage or mechanic near Newport

    Mechanical Advice
    Enjoy a bit of clueless spannering but generally make things worse, not too bad at polishing though! Anyone got any recommendations for a garage or mechanic in the Newport/Pontypool area? The obvious big boy is South Wales Superbikes in Newport, been in there a few times but never actually...
  14. Autocom Amplifier

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to amplify the input in to the Autocom from my phone as at speed its difficult to hear the music and people speaking. I've spoken to Autocom and the phone I have a Nokia 6230 is known for being quiet. Their only option is to replace the phone which I don't want to do as its a work one...
  15. Most pointless work trip?

    Yesterday I got a phone call at 1230 informing me I had to go to a site in White City, London to resolve a problem with their telephone systems. By the time I got this phone call the help desk and at least 1 other support person had spoken to them. So I drive for almost 2 hours to get, through...
  16. Garmin Street Pilot III and Starcom problem?

    Mechanical Advice
    OK, So I have got my Starcom Advance wired up now with the Garmin as one of the audio inputs. I've got two problems though. First is that there is a sound tone constantly in the background. I have spoken with Tecstar and they have given me some advice about cable routing that may cure that...
  17. Starcom Advance - Any one had any problems?

    Dear All Can any one help? I recently bought a starcom advance communication system to install in my AT. Now it works well with one small exception that the audio input gets silenced everytime i rev the engine. I have tried moving cables and all sorts but still the audio gets silenced when the...
  18. Dartmoor 12th - 16th May 2006

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    During our last escapade to the Lakes some people indicated that they would be up for a trip to Dartmoor in the Spring. So here we go................ The Plume of Feathers is a pub in Princetown that does B&B accomodation (Roy) has a bunkhouse with rooms with 2, 4 or 10 beds and a campsite for...
  19. Binding brakes

    Africa Twin
    Hiya. Bit of a newbie question, but I've got a 93 Africa Twin (bought it just under a year ago, and very pleased with it) and the front brakes are just starting to 'bind' a little bit. I thought I'd felt something slightly off with the brakes recently and then the MOT at the weekend...
  20. Fuelling Problems - QUESTIONS!

    Africa Twin
    Hello all. I've recently got my RD03 back from some major work (at no cost to me) but although it looks great, I have a few problems with running which I hope someone can advise on before I start spending money I don't need to. The bike run perfectly with excellent mpg before going off for...