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  1. Buell / Harley Davidson
    Went to Calne bike day yesterday on my Drifter, saw a few TAs and an Africa Twin loads of GS's and 100's of Harleys This Sportster had a very realistic wood paint scheme Also saw the Flying Millyard being ridden in the traffic, had seen it on other occasions but static, picture from last year
  2. Chatter
    This is going in the right direction! Dual Sportster: Jim Carducci’s SC3 (with video) « – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews
  3. Buell / Harley Davidson
  4. Buell / Harley Davidson
    . . . . .and i quite like it! It's nice and comfy once you get the hand of the riding position, it's got enough oomph for me - but i can see why people used to sportsbikes or who simply need 200bhp could get frustrated! the handling is fine once you figure out how to ride it (i.e. not like a...
  5. Travel
    Anyone got any tips on putting the generator back on these ? The damn thing keeps leaking fuel and if I put on a bit of tape that stops the leak but then it doesn't feed any fuel at all, aaargh ! edit - meh, it's pooped, now :D
  6. Chatter
    Hi, this is my Sportster......... I had it for 8 years now and I've done a lot to it but I havn't ridden it since Oct' '05. I took it off the road to do some work on it but have spent all my time riding my Hondas and havn't got around to finishing it. It only needs a bit of paint on the...
1-6 of 6 Results