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  1. Spotlights come MOT time.

    Hello All! I'm sure the collective fountain of knowledge here will be able to help me. I have one (possible) immediate dilemma and then one I just want to fix... Possible Immediate Dilemma... The Givi Spotlights mounted on my anti crash bars have for whatever reason decided to no longer work...
  2. Engine Bars wanted.

    I'm after a set of engine bars for my 2007 Transalp 650, preferably used, condition is not an issue. I will be modifying the bars to include spotlights and will be having them powder coated when I'm done. It seems a shame to buy new ones and start cutting and welding at them. If anyone has any...
  3. Anyone looking for LED spotlights?

    I have just taken delivery of these, ebay item 291565702825 good strong fittings and very bright. Not fitted them yet but I can't foresee any problem and they shouldn't need a relay at just 15w each. I intend to wire them into the sidelight via a handlebar mounted switch. They look a lot more...
  4. Cree led lights

    Guys, Just bought some cheap and cheerful led spotlights and noticed that they have 3 wires, red ,yellow and black. Any idea why I would have 3 wires and is it safer to run them straight from the battery via a fuse and a handlebar switch?? Thanks in advance Alex
  5. Where have you bracketed spotlights from on a 700??

    I don't have engine bars but would like to add a couple of spotlights to be seen better so anyone got pics of what they've done other than mounting them from engine bars??
  6. Bargain spotlights at Halfords

    I stumbled across these the other night Halfords | Ring Luminator Fog Lights, I click and reserved a couple of sets from my local Halfords and they are well worth it,the bulbs would cost a tenner on there own.:thumbup:
  7. do the front scoops need to be blocked or open ?

    Hi, the front scoops on my bike are currently odd. 1 is blocked off, the other is open. How is it supposed to be ? by scoops i mean the cut aways under the front lamp on my 1996 Transalp. Could I fit spotlights in there without fear of disrupting airflow ? Thanks Chris
  8. For Sale: HAWK spotlight bracket, black, Honda Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    HAWK spotlight bracket, black, Honda Africa Twin I used them for two rides and then sold the AT so in very good condition. I mounted the CREE spotlights from e bay as and they worked a treat. £35 inc postage for the...
  9. Fuse box

    Africa Twin
    Looking for a fuse box that will take normal blade fuses. 4/5 way, trying to tidy the old girl up. What with sat nav, heated grips, optimate & spotlights it's a mess. What has everyone done/used?
  10. Fitting spot lights and 12V socket

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I bought these spotlights and want to fit them over the weekend. it states on the package : Halogen Driving lights : H3-12V 55W I have bought a on/off switch, and the plan is to run wires from the battery through a fuse to the switch and from here to the lights. I have never done this...
  11. Help!!! - wiring spotlights and relay

    Africa Twin
    :angry5:HI ALL. ive been wiring up my spotlights using a realy and inle fuse etc. so far ive connected a direct feed( with in line fuse) to the relay (connector 30) ive got the earth comming from connector 85 and the output to the spotlights comming from 87 im stuck on the feed for the...
  12. Fitted spotlights - earth question

    Mechanical Advice
    Just spent the evening fitting Ring 55W foglights to the TA using their 'easy fit' wiring kit. All works perfectly - question is; The only way I could get them to work was to earth each light to the earth wire on the headlight connector. 1) Is that OK to do? (Tried drilling a hole in the...
  13. Spotlights on 600 TA?

    Ok since my heated grips got torn off in accident thinking of scrapping them and fitting spotlights. Only problem is do they need separate wireing or can they somhow be attached to the main beam function?
  14. Spotlights

    Not sure what I am asking for here but Mr M has bought me some spots for Twinkletoes and apparently I need a feed :confused: for him to be able to fit them. Any suggestions where to get it from Thanks guys xx
  15. Spotlights fitted

    Africa Twin
    Well after about 5 hours fiddling about and about 8 blown fuses I have eventually got spotlights fitted. I had to re-route the TomTom Rider and cigar lighter to make room but think it's worth it. Now to find some country lanes to test them out in the dark. I rigged up a switch rather than...
  16. Fitting additional spotlights and back/brakelight

    Africa Twin
    Since i do a fair amount of riding in the dark and Winter is closing in fast it seems, i thought of fitting additional lights to my bike. Now the questions is,can i mount spots onto my crashbars without the vibration of the engine destroying the bulbs? What would be the best/cheapest option be...
  17. spotlights and battery

    Africa Twin
    im fitting 55w spotlights to my bike and was wondering will the battery be alible to cope with them
  18. Spotlights

    Anyone fitted spotlights? I'm looking for 2 that are small and easy to wire up - either to crashbars or inside the fairing above the wheel. Oh, cheap as well. Maybe LIDLs will start doing them.