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  1. Africa Twin 750 Re-build

    Africa Twin
    I was recommended to add a thread as I'm currently having another fad of re-building my Africa Twin. I bought it 5 years ago as a 'project' and proceeded to leave it in the shed for 4 years! Last Christmas I dismantled it in a shed, since then I've moved house and have the space to get my teeth...
  2. Exhaust Manifold Flanges

    Bodgers Corner
    I'm working on a project with my VTR Firestorm getting some stainless steel split flanges fabricated in a small run. On the VTR v-twin the front pot gets hit by salty spray and heat and the OEM mild steel flange gradually disintergrates. Not helped that Honda set them as non removeable on the...
  3. My speedo stopped working

    Africa Twin
    So I picked up my new to me RD07 a week ago in Ireland. I'm in Italy now, after about 1,000 miles, and the speedometer has stopped working. It was a bit "bouncy" before, but then about 1 hour after I spray washed the bike, the speedo stopped all together. I checked the cable on both ends and it...
  4. Screen Colour - cant decide - What do you think?????

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Seem to have another itch to scratch - Wanted to spray my screen on my AT - cant decide red or black? What do you think???????:confused:
  5. Headlight dip switch

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, just got my AT delivered and noticed that the push button for the main/dip beam sticks in, have any of you had this? Is there an easy fix or is it a new switch, I tried a spray of penetration fluid but made no difference Thanks in advance JTP
  6. This is a question for taller Transalp riders....

    I have fitted an MRA Varioscreen to the 700 as I thought this would keep rain off my visor! Unfortunately as I rode home from Brands Hatch on the Sat of the BSB end of season and it humped down! The problem quickly became apparent that the Varioscreen actually puts the spray directly onto my...
  7. TARefurb

    TARefurb is now open for business, renovation of mainly Transalps 600 based in Newport South Wales we also have a spray booth for those broken panels that need TLC, if your wheels are corroded and you don't want to pay for a new rim contact us, we can also be found on Facebook under TARefurb...
  8. Exhaust system

    I'm going to change the gaskets at the weekend , just been out to spray all the bolts with WD40 and I noticed that there is what looks like a lambda sensor on the collector box but the wires have been cut . Should a carb model have a lambda ? Thought it was for fuel injection ecu's ? Wondering...
  9. AT continues to keep so clean!

    Africa Twin
    Recently finished the annual clean on my @. Thanks to ACF50 and liberal amounts of spray grease, I never cease to be amazed that under the last year's worth of crud, it fails to corrode or deteriorate to any notable extent. It's now been through 14 winters and remains in such excellent...
  10. Replacing airbox

    Dominator / FMX
    The airbox on my RD08 Dommie is holed / cracked, has been since before I got it AFAIK. The hole is currently patched with gaffer tape, which I just replace from time to time when it gets knackered from road-spray. I did get a replacement airbox on eBay, with a view to swapping them one day...
  11. XR250 Swinging Arm Pivot

    Hi. Just joined the forum after buying a 1997 ex-army XR250 which I intend to fully restore. At the moment I'm in the process of taking it apart and, unfortunately, have reached the point of trying to remove the swinging arm pivot bolt which must be corroded inside the back of the engine. This...
  12. XL250R Rear Mugaurd - HELP

    Hi all, new on here first post,, I am trying to get an 87 XL250R back on the road but parts are getting hard to locate :o Anyone have a Rear Mudgard? Any colour I can spray if need be,, Any help appreciated. Regards Philip
  13. Cleaning the engine...

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi there, I am currently building a Honda SLR scrambler/tracker (what ever is the right term for it, I'll find out once I've finished it). I need to clean the engine, because it has 18 years worth of dirt and grim on it, and looks as though some one has spray canned it silver in the last few...
  14. AT Rd04 engine colour code Gold/bronze.

    Africa Twin
    Looking at repainting engine casings that bronzy goldy colour. Available in spray can ?
  15. High mudguard Transalp 600

    Morning All, I'm toying with the idea of fitting a Supermoto/MX style high mudguard to my 89 Alp partly because I like the way they look and also because I hope to have a go at some green laning and read a few posts about mud possibly clogging under the standard mudguard. Does anyone who has...
  16. ngine casing restore?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi again oh knowledgeable ones Here is my next issue that needs attention. The left hand engine casing is corroded and pitted. I can sort that out easily enough but the finish on my casings looks to be a grey brown tint. Is this a spray paint finish or liquor? Can I get that same finish? I know...
  17. Does Hammerite EVER dry?

    I primed new new bars after stripping, had a tin of Hammerite Smooth and gave the bars about 3 coats. (Tin says 3-4 coats). That was yesterday afternoon and they are still tacky as hell :mad: Does this stuff ever dry? Read on another forum it can take TWO WEEKS - Really???? My new grips should...
  18. For Sale: Today only - 15% Off Maintenance Aerosols & Sprays

    For Sale / Wanted
    Monday 9th June 2014 Daily Deal - 15% Off Car & Bike Aerosols & Sprays For one day only Opie Oils are giving an additional 15% Off all maintenance aerosols and sprays with voucher code: DAILYDEAL. All together that's 78 items from 10 top brands; Bilt Hamber, Castrol, Fuchs, Gulf, K&N...
  19. Bringing the shine back!

    Mechanical Advice
    Nope not talking about buffing up my ever decreasing hairline, more thinking about a panel I've been sanding. So, the short story is I've removing some deep grooves from a radiator shroud and working the grades back up to 2000, then adding a scratch removing cream and buffing to within an inch...
  20. Chain lube

    Africa Twin
    Can someone recommend the best type of chain lube to get for my @, some are like a grease others spray on more like oil? I am sick of getting black crap all over the frame swinging arm and spokes lol thanks in advance