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  1. alp 600 parts wanted

    Hi all, After some rear side panels for a 600 'Alp... Anyone got any knocking around - rough condition is fine as they will be sprayed. Let me know please... Slidey
  2. Quick clean

    I usually take absolutely ages trying to clean the front wheel and external brake assembley. Got feed up wasting my time and tried wheel cleaner , sprayed it all over the wheel and brakes and then lightly jet washed,you know what ! It only fecking works ! Now got nice and clean front end , it's...
  3. My recent Bargain

    Africa Twin
    A pair of wheels for my @ £60.00 the pair and £15 for paint ect, the anodising was a bit rough but the inside of the rims were rot free so I just sprayed them with a coat of smoothrite, I wish I'd spent a bit more time preparing the spokes but that a Job for the summer now. The can was a bit of...
  4. side stand

    How to.....
    Hi all, I feel silly asking this but I cannot get my side stand off the bike, I have sprayed it with plus gas and the bolt does not want to move. Any ideas? the top nut came off so easy as well led to a false sense of getting the job done. I want to weld a foot on to it as it has a spike for a...
  5. Thank you bling

    Africa Twin
    The bike has looked after me so many times I treated it to some bling - had the screen sprayed up
  6. Possible use for ACF50

    Being a lucky boy for Christmas, as well as "Close to the Edge", I had a tin of ACF50. I've sprayed and wiped most of my @ with it, can it be applied to the chain?
  7. tl125 colour

    Other Honda
    i have a 76 tl nearing completion which should be sprayed silver with orange flash. i prefer the earlier silver and blue, so does anyone have a suggestion for the closest match for the blue? i use an audi silver. thanks.
  8. Anyone sprayed there vara?

    Anyone? planning on mine in gloss black? Fancied nato green but decided it would look like a giant snot:laughing6: If you have piccy please curious to see what it looks like and I will cop for a bag of chips if we ever meet up!:occasion5: