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  1. KK Bike

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone tried out the kk bike sprokets? I think they look pretty good If you want to avoid shaft wear. If not I just ordered a superpinion and will report back in about 2 years.
  2. fx650 sprokets

    Dominator / FMX
    which is a good set to get please for the vigor and will I need any other bits keeping chain whats already on
  3. Chain help

    My 2003 1000 is in need of a new chain and sprokets...anyone got any ideas on the best replacement kit? This is my 1st venture on to this wonderful site and have already picked up a couple of useful tips.
  4. Maitence Advice needed!

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, So I know, Im a bit of an idiot, and probably with a good bit of research I could find this out, but Im on a long long motorcycle trip on a 1992 africa twin trip (so far I have gone from belgium down to southern france back up to northern germany, all through poland, czech...
  5. Gearing

    Africa Twin
    Seen a few threads lateley about sprocket sizes and how it alters gearing/speed.There is a new road near me that is perfect for "trying" bikes,4 miles long,smooth,straight and downhill.I had 16t and 43t sprockets and two up down this road the bike would show an indicated 115 mph.I've just...
  6. front wheel vibration at slow speed

    ladies and gentlemen ,i need the benefit of your wisdom-i have a 93 alp with 30k kms .when i bought it it needed a new front neighbor got a ditanzia for me in england,which he fitted.the rear is 40% worn tyre of the same type and brand.i got a new chain and sprokets fitted(the ones that...