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  1. Not a rebuild this time, but time for a spruce up.

    Africa Twin
    Not posted much on here guys but I know how you lot like a nice rebuild thread. unfortunately this is just a spruce up, albeit with new wheels. MOT has expired and according to my MOT man, there's no way the back wheel will pass. Too corroded. Ah well. It'll have to wait a month or so as we've...
  2. i had a spin on a 1990 africa twin now im hooked

    Africa Twin
    I ride a 1990 trasnsalp 600 . I love it its a great bike it will go anywhere I love to go off the beaten track and head up into the hills on narrow little roads with grass growing in the middle and forestry tracks its also got plenty of power for an all day ride and is ideal for places like...
  3. Transalp XL700 Decals

    Has anyone removed the TRANSAP Decals from their 700? Personally, I think it looks tacky and have removed mine. Just stuck with empty fairings now. Anyone have any cool ideas to "spruce" it up? Thanks.
  4. Wanted: RD07 Black Fairings

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for fairing for my RD07. It is like this one: I'm looking for the front ones - left, right and centre. It doesn't look like this since someone kindly knocked it on its side whilst I was out one day. Lots of cosmetic...
  5. Fuel tank leak! As if the stuff wasn't expensive enough without giving it away...

    Africa Twin
    So I have a pinhole leak on the right side of my tank at the bottom where it meets the fairing, paint is peeling, it's wet, generally discoloured and smells a lot like me on a Sat morning. As I'm in no mood for a new tank, especially not repainting/colour matching/new graphics that go with it...
  6. Xlr 125 project winter

    Hi everybody :) I'm new to this forum and thought I'd say hi. I have a 2001 Honda xlr and thought I'd start a small progress thread. I know it's not an old xl but thought this was the best part o the forum to post in. I will upload some pics when I get near my computer but so far as the...
  7. XL600 head on NX650?

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know if a 1986 xl600 head will fit an nx650? They use the same rockers, same bore, not sure about cam and valves though. I've just pulled my dommie down for a spruce up and it has the nasty cracks between exhaust valves and plug hole:crybaby:
  8. Hi. Just joined. getting my XR250R(commuter) cleaned up for summer.

    Hi just found this site. I have always had bikes..Dr 350 ,DRZ400E,KTM 640 SM, XR400 which I turned into a smart looking supermoto. I have had my latest XR250R for a few years now and it has been used solely as a commuter..15 miles a day round trip. I wanted somthing good in the traffic that has...
  9. Bulbs - Halfords?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, since I got my AT back in September last year I've not had a backlight on the digital trip. Does anyone know what sort of bulb I need to buy and where to buy it from? There's a Halfords down the road, will they be my best bet? I'm also looking for another bulb for the tachometer. I'll...
  10. piccy of the dommy

    Dominator / FMX
    just gave the old girl a spruce up,looking quite good now ,im very pleased with it too,considering the guy who gave me it was gonna scrap it. mart
  11. Hi All, any hertfordshire green laners?

    How do all :thumbleft: Ive just bought myself a 99 xr250 baja, mainly for a mix of commuting on (I live in the sticks) and green laning. Ive been green laning for the last couple of years on quads but decided I fancied a change and a more practical off roader, quads seem to be pikey magnets...
  12. Do you wanna tinker with my twin?

    Africa Twin
    My 1991 twin is in need or a strip and spruce up. I can't afford workshop rates and I don't have the space to have a go myself but if there is anyone out there that feels comfortable in stripping and fixing up an otherwise healthy but tatty looking twin I'd love to hear from you.
  13. DIY paint-anyone done it?

    Anyone done any DIY paint jobs? I don't want anything extreme, just to spruce up my old tired panels. Will a can from Halfords do with a few hours spare time? Want to do it the same colour and don't mind taking the stickers off. I was gonna give the panels a good key with say 250 grit wet and...
  14. Hammerite any good?

    Mechanical Advice
    Is hammerite any good for rusty bits that need a spruce up? How does it look. I'm assuming you can get a smooth finish version of it. Where I live it'd be hard to spray anything as I'm on a top floor flat. Anyone used it? Any pics? How do I prepare stuff for painting and finally, is there any...
  15. Pyrenees for a rally.

    We are setting off on wednesday to ride down through France to the Spanish pyrenees for a rally on the weekend. Thought I'd better spruce up the Alp a bit so I got this ace tank bag on Ebay Put a new chain and a set of sprockets on along with a new TKC80 on the rear also put a new set of...