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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi i was looking at my exhaust which is in good condition (from what i can see) but i was looking for alternative SS options are arrow the sole manufacturer of aftermarket manifolds ? Also if you have one are there any benefits over standard ? Weight ,performance etc
  2. Ducati
    Ducati 750 sport Been offered a 750 sport for cafe racer project I'm thinking of building what are they like ?? What goes wrong what sort of performance :thumbup:
  3. Accessories
    Hello everybody, i need to buy a crankshaft for Honda Forza 250;2005 year;model:NSS250X ! If anybody sale this part please,write me on personal message here ! Thank you !
  4. XR
    xr400 brake pads from scooters-and-bikes | eBay Not sure how good they are,but at this price if they are rubbish i can afford to throw them away,if not,ive got myself a bargain;)
  5. Insurance
    Anyone any idea as to the best Multibike insurance ( when i say multibike its only Two) My Beloved Varadero and A Ducati 750SS. Insurance due in August, just wondering on best options. Sharpy
  6. Chatter
    Any of you Sun readers support this 'No More Page Three' petition ?
  7. Africa Twin
    Does anyone have an idea where I can source new spokes. My Bikes rear spokes have alot of rust on it.
  8. Chatter
    Well as it looks like I'm the first out'a bed today ? I have the proud honour of being the first to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY young man ! :thumbup: :) (I only got up for a p*ss, back to bed then ? :D:D:D:D )
  9. Chatter
    Everyone and their dog does it now but in 1953 it was something to do i reckon SS100
  10. Mechanical Advice
    Just wondering if those bulk deals on SS nuts n' bolts you see on eBay are worth it. I wouldn't put one where there's any real stress but there are plenty of places on my bike where the OEM ones are rotting out. Just curious. Geo