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  1. Farewell

    After many years I've decided to change bike away from the Honda stable. I would like to thank all those who contributed or commented on any of my posts. You've been a really helpful bunch of people. FYI i've just bought a new 2017 VStrom 650, not the xt version. Reallly nice bike, I'll miss...
  2. Tick...

    Come friday and the stable will have a new (actually a second hand bike, but new to me) additional inhibitant. Tick! :p
  3. Looks familiar will it fit

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi i am looking for a good condition rear wheel and a tidy seat for a 96 RD08 but at the moment not a lot available on ebay,for theDominator so can anybody tell me if the mentioned parts will fit the Domie taken from an FX , SLR , vigor ect as they all come from the same stable .
  4. Welcome back to a Honda in the stable

    Picked this up yesterday, my winter hack for the time being and maybe a future project :toothy10::toothy10:
  5. Could have had a whole stable full of new bikes...

    Well, would you have returned it? ;) Man Returns $98,000 He Found in Desk Purchased on Craigslist
  6. Hello from Kavala - GREECE

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just a quick hello from overseas. I'm Panos from Kavala in the north of Greece. Just yesterday I finally fulfilled my dream of getting an XRV 650 to complement my "stable" and, googling for some info I dropped in. Hello then, have fun and safe roads.
  7. New bike in the Beddows Stable

    Its been on the cards for a while now but I had the pleasure in picking up Ffions Baby Vara last night. Some snaps and vids over on ABR My Baby Vara Great bike for Ffi to learn on.
  8. Bike lift tables

    I see there are two basic designs. Scissor type where the table rises vertically or ones where the table moves backwards as it goes up. Anybody got any idea if one type is inherently more stable than the other or is it simply down to the size of the base on the garage floor?
  9. Rear tyre rubbish in wet

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm running a Mitas E-08 rear tyre, relatively new. However in the wet the tyre looses traction under moderate acceleration and feels very unstable on roundabouts. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a 'best' tyre for on-road commuting for wet weather? Many thanks, Sam.
  10. Adding to the stable............

    As I`m sure we are all aware..... you can NEVER have too many bikes at any one time!:thumbup: (even tho they keep saying "But why? You can only ride one at a time!) They`ll never understand:banghead: Had a few tentative exploits on the trails with the AT.:? Find it a bit heavy and too loved...
  11. Where do you stable your bike of a night?

    So, I've recently bought a house. Being as I chose a career in engineering I can't afford a house with a garage so my trusty steed will now be bedding down in the back yard - I concreted in a ramp over the weekend for this very purpose. Now, I've just moved over here from Belfast where an...