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  1. Africa Twin
    After a spin over to the Stafford show with my dad resulted in a small interfacing of my @twin with the back of his 1200rt, I figure it's time to look at the brakes and upgrade them, I already have stainless lines to each calliper, the front discs are original and the pads are new ebc organics...
  2. Africa Twin
    Browsing the online version of Motorcycle Monthly looking for info re the Stafford show came across this short article on AT Motor Cycle Monthly - 12/02/2015 digital edition
  3. Africa Twin
    Any one had any experience of these guys?
  4. Africa Twin
    Anyone spot the reg/ rec heat sink fitted to the latest Stafford Motorcycles ebay @. Has anyone tried anything similar to prevent it from overheating? is it a useful modification?
  5. Africa Twin
    Just browsed the MCN bikes for sale pages, as you do, and kicked the search for @'s up. 4 total, 3 of which are private. 2 of those private sales are 50+k miles old, and one of them is a bitsa to my eyes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but they all want £3k plus for their bikes...
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
  7. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    If you think that ATs in the UK are expensive (especially at Stafford Motorcycles) how about €6,000!!! This same bike is on evilbay at £5,200. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  8. Chatter
    Anyone here visiting the Classic Bike Show at Stafford this coming weekend 27th - 28th April 2013 ? £10.00 pre book £12.00 on the day open 09.00 hrs. I'm riding down with a couple of mates from work.
  9. Africa Twin
    Honda XRV750 AFRICA TWIN. FULLY OVERLAND PREPARED. ONE OFF BIKE | eBay I see Stafford Motorcycles bought Overland Ollie's Yellow AT which was advertised a few weeks ago on Autotrader at £2500 Not a bad mark up to £4595!!! Are we all missing a trick here?
  10. Chatter
    I have just bought a 96 AT, great bike from Stafford Motorcycles. There is a forum sticker on it, how do I contact the former owner? just put up a post with the reg number or is that asking for trouble. I am not after any grief just curious about it's history.
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi Guys Now officially an AT owner. Mine turned up this morning, they took my Pan away with them. Some folk think I am mad buying a bike without even getting a test ride on one. Maybe I am. But glad to be mad. it feels like 'My Bike' already. Slow? really? goes well enough for me, from my...
  12. Africa Twin
    If anyone is looking for a cheap AT, Bike trader has 2 x 1999 RWB ones for sale. One has 65k on the clock and is £1900, the other has 51k on the clock and is £2000! They don't come much cheaper than these! Stafford will be on to them in no time!!!
  13. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Link to original thread Someone buy this before it goes to Stafford Motorcycles and doubles in price!! :(
  14. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Make someone a good bike, surprised Stafford doen't buy it and resell for £1000 more:( 2001 Honda XRV750 Africa Twin | eBay
  15. Charity Events
    We need YOUR help, Events, Donations | CAL4U - 'Stay Strong' Callum Loveridge Charity race meeting on the road between junction 13 m6 and penkridge staffs this weekend if your going to the stafford show ? , pop in for a looksee camping etc on the saturday night
  16. Chatter
    The weather looks OK for the weekend so I thought I might go down to this show. So, what I am asking is, is it worth the trip, anyone else going, which day, etc? It is a bit of a drag down t'motorway but I may go down Saturday and stop overnight somewhere. Any info muchly appreciated...
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi all I was at the Classic Bike Show in Stafford yesterday and there is a 2002 AT lightish crash damaged - Front faring missing and side panels loss forks bent otherwise all there and only 5000 miles looks genuine brake discs hardly marked - selling for £1300 - not too bad bits got to be worth...
  18. Discounts / Deals
    We're a small non-franchised dealers, we all own big trail bikes of one sort or another. We'd be happy to offer the following discounts to subscribed XRV forum members; Genuine parts 10% off orders of £25 or more Most pattern parts 20% off Labour 15% off Aftermarket stuff (luggage, exhausts...
  19. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone interested. I'm tempted to ride up (from Bath) early Sat morning. A friend will be up there displaying and says its a top show. £9 to get in 0900-1800.
  20. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Went down to the stafford county showground for the classic bike show and jumble. Phil (piguglyshandydrinker) went down with us. Had a great day out, and enjoyed it probably more than last years nec show. Day didnt start out brill though. Bike was low on juice so had to fill up. The...
1-20 of 21 Results