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stainless spokes

  1. Offer I cant refuse.

    Dominator / FMX
    I was having a little lad n dad chat with jnr about bikes and he said he had shown one of his photos of my bike to his mechanics teacher. His teacher was impressed with the bike and said ,tell your dad if he gives us the back wheel and gets the spokes ,we will do his back wheel for free and do...
  2. Need new rims. SM or excel

    Africa Twin
    Lads I was new rims and stainless spokes for my RD07a MY99. What you recommend. Type and size wise.
  3. Bummer, I've just found a split in my rim.

    Africa Twin
    Well, in a manner of speaking! Washing the bike the other day I noticed that there was a split in the front rim next to one of the spoke holes, the rim looked a bit crappy when I bought the bike and changing both of the rims was always one of the things that I was planning on doing but I was...
  4. Got through the MOT today but a few advisories!!!

    Africa Twin
    Put my RD07a through the MOT today, she passed but a few advisories along the way, most of which I knew about or expected anyway:( 1) Front suspension assembly slightly corroded. Bottom yolk has a little surface rust, how many don't that haven't been painted!! 2) Rear wheel spoke slightly...
  5. Two XL Hondas, Time to sell?

    What's it worth?
    As I get older I'm beginning to realise that one or two bikes ought to go to new homes:- One is a 1980 XL185s slightly "trialised" up and running but on SORN. It has alloy rims and stainless spokes, wide footrests which have been moved rearward and raised, trials tyres, renthalls, direct...
  6. Sold: Transalp Wheels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pair of wheels for 2000 on Transalp. Polished rims Stainless Spokes,excellent condition, comes with discs in very good condition, and Sava tyres. The front tyre has loads of tread on, the rear tyre is legal, maybe three Millimeter tread, they have good unrepaired tubes in also, punctureseal...
  7. For Sale: 1992 RD04 For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my @T as I'm just not using her any more. Only have room in my garage for two bikes and as I currently have three so one has to go. I'm enclosing a link to my flickr site where I collated the images from the rebuild I did on her last year. Africa Twin Strip-down Pictures - a set on...
  8. For Sale: Selling my RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    Decided to sell my RD04 (92) as I've bought a BSA B31 (1957) and I have to make room in my garage which only has space for two bikes My FJR 1300 is my workhorse so getting rid of that is not an option. I'm not using the @T as much as I thought I'd use her but as most of you know she's been...
  9. Powder coating rims?

    Mechanical Advice
    Would powder coated rims last tire assembly with tire irons? I do have a set of spare wheels wich happen to have totally used rims and spokes. I have bought for them (used but not rotten) original rims. These rims happen to be one in gold and other one is silver anodised. I was thinking to...
  10. Front end 'pogo'

    Africa Twin
    I've got a weird pogo-ing effect going on at the front end since my rebuild, a sort of bobble up and down. It's worst about 32-40mph, especially at 36, but below that it's pretty much negligible and above it apparently vanishes. Here's what I've checked so far.. Headstock bearings - fine...
  11. For Sale: 1992 J Plate RD04

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1992 J Plate Africa Twin RD04 Unfortunatley Jamped (my dad) is having to sell his RD04, the bike is a 1992 on a J plate, has been professionally resprayed in Ford RS Orange, comes with crash bars, high screen, braided front and rear hoses, Renthal bars and lowered seat, larger foot pegs. Top...
  12. Sold: 2002 RD07 22K miles

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    It's been a while since I have posted. Life has just been sooo busy, so I have been lurking for ages. Unfortunately, my first post is to put my AT up for sale. It's been a tough decision but the bottom line is that I only use it for commuting (no time to use it for "pleasure") and as I travel...
  13. my dommy

    Dominator / FMX
    thought id show you guys my dommy with its new wheels,morad rims with dommy hubs and stainless spokes rides really nice
  14. Rim wax

    Africa Twin
    I didn't dare do a search for this one, for fear of where it might lead. So I'll take a deep breath and ask here.... I have had my front wheel (RD07a) rebuilt with butted stainless spokes and a new polished rim. The wheel builder suggested using rim wax to keep the salt off, he's bigger than...
  15. Wheels back from SFX Wheels.

    Hi everyone and Merry Christmas to you all. Just had my wheels delivered by the lovely UPS man, gave him a bottle of wine for making it through the snow! Paul at SFX Wheels has a done a grand job of them, I'm very impressed with his workmanship.:thumb: He powdercoated the hubs, anodized...
  16. Corroded spokes already! Anybody replaced theirs with stainless?

    Dominator / FMX
    My cadmium (or zinc?) plated spokes have gone from shiny to powdery grey in 2 weeks of road salt! :( I'd like to replace them myself with stainless, I've built loads of pushbike wheels from scratch but I dont think I could true the Vigor wheels on the bike once rebuilt. So, is it possible to...
  17. New rear wheel

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Just got my rear wheel back complete with its new rim and stainless spokes........ Sundays job will be to fit this.........
  18. Ickle Beemers first run

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, today I spent the morning fitting heated grips, repair to the throttle cable adjuster, fix the water in the petrol tank issue due to a choked drain pipe and final cleaning of the 97 BMW F650ST I've bought as a winter hack. Once complete, had a cup of soup then got changed into my gear and...
  19. Finally got round to replacing wheel rims

    Africa Twin
    Afetr a close shave when the twin nearly sold last year (sale fell through when told 'rims will break up any minute'), I decided to keep it and splashed out on new rims with stainless spokes myself - gave it a subtle makeover/modern look whilst at it. Just need a black seat now, or recover...
  20. Wheel rebuild

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, i am going to get the wheels rebilt on my AT using the original hubs but having new rims and stainless spokes fitted. Anyone had this done? Can anyone recommend anywhere to get it done? Any help is appreciated.:thumbleft: Ritz.