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  1. Manual CCT

    Hi, just installed this weekend manual cct on my Dero. The bike feels smoother at idle but rolling it seems a struggle a little or could be just placebo I dont know. Should I turn off 1/4 on the mcct? will be need to put the engine at TDC? cheers
  2. Does the Spark plug fire on every TDC on Transalp?

    Hi, question regarding camshaft installation and ignition timing: Is it possible to get the Camshaft installed 360 degees wrong or does the transalp fire on every TDC? Given the assumption that the front and rear cylinder are correct installed in relation to each other (Rear (RT) 232 degrees...
  3. Wemoto carb rubbers

    Africa Twin
    Anyone used these? With the cylinder head locating tab in the correct postion they don't seem to allow the clamp/clip with the tab to line up properly. It ends up fouling on the valve cover and slanting diagonally across the rubber. There are two different clamps and I have them installed the...
  4. Seals disintegrated in fwd caliper

    Africa Twin
    Good morning all! I got the pistons out of my forward brake caliper today, and was a little surprised to find that the outer seals for the pistons were gone. The inner ones were not great either, but in the groove for the outer ones there was only dirt and what I can only assume is remnants of...
  5. Fork oil life with Intiminators in?

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I installed the Ricor Intiminators about 4 years ago, together with their 5w oil. I can't know for sure, but I think the front is much stiffer now, than when I installed it. It really doesn't feel good on buHow often should the oil be changed when used with Intiminators? I've written...
  6. HID interference with trip meter!?

    Africa Twin
    Have searched allot for the answer to this but can't find any so I'm asking you guys now. I have installed HID:s on my AT, and the trip meter resets after a few minutes. Moved the ballast as far away as the cables allow it but still same problem. How have you guys that fitted HID sorted it out?
  7. Tapatalk for Android. is it good or a pain in the A...?

    Will I regret installing it? I'm using a Samsung galaxy S4 mini. is it truly useful? Some apps I've installed certainly haven't been.
  8. Couple of ?s

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone ever punched out the RD03 650 engine? I know Africa Queens will take the 750 up to 880, but has anyone ever done anything with the 650? Has anyone ever installed the digital tripmeter from the later models on an RD03? If so, let me know what I need.
  9. is RD04 standard tripmaster equiped?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I am still on the look out to buy a Africa Twin. Some RD04 are equiped with the tripmaster and other don't have it installed. Was this an option at the time or what is the possible explanation that some twins have it and others don't? Take care,
  10. Water Lane - lives up to its name!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Had a great day in North Hampshire, even this bit was fun. I stalled it but once we got her out it started after a few minutes. Water Lane - it still is!
  11. stalled a dr750

    went for a ride today with a few mates,one has a DR750,anyway he hadn't been on it since october 08,so today when he went to start it,the solonoid was faulty i think,so he just by passed it and started it with the wire to earth on the frame to turn the starter. Off we went round...