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  1. Africa Twin
    Dutchie needs some help in Wales (update: stranded! But back home) Hi all, Sorry for having a first post with a request for help. I'm on holiday in Wales and my fuel pump is acting wierd. It stops pumping suddenly or sometimes directly after starting. A restart helps and thats how i came from...
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi, I am currently installing a GPS unit to replace the dead TripMaster, but I will need a point where to catch the 12v to fit a USB connector in order to power the GPS unit while driving. I was thinking of using 2 of the PINs on the TripMaster connector, since they deliver 12v just when the...
  3. Africa Twin
    Need some help getting my element seal in my airbox. When I got the bike,it had a K&N so I've had to buy the new parts. The fiche is helpful, but when I went to install, it all became a bit of a puzzle getting the rubber seal in and then installing the element filter..... Can anyone tell me...
  4. Mechanical Advice
    As the heading says. Instructions say that both + and - cables should be "12" guage or more and to include a maxi fuse on the + lead. can any one tell me what amperage cable this is and also what size type of fuse they are suggesting. many thanks Rob
  5. Africa Twin
    My first post - Hi from the heat & humidity of Darwin, Northern Territory Australia people. Has anyone tried installing aftermarket carbs to their AT, such as Keihin FCRs or the like? If so was it a success? Many Thanks Nick (wantok)
  6. Transalp
    Hello peeps, Thinking about installing some driving lights for extra visibility. As I'm nowhere being near an electrician I am keen to have a go at wiring them. I would like to have them come on when I switch my ignition, how do I do that???? Alex
  7. Transalp
    Will I regret installing it? I'm using a Samsung galaxy S4 mini. is it truly useful? Some apps I've installed certainly haven't been.
  8. Africa Twin
    Passed with 2 minor riding faults. The first was nearly stalling on the slow ride with the examiner walking behind me. I couldn't see him so i had no idea if my slow riding was slow enough. Second point was for doing 48kph through the speed and obstical avoidance (should be 50) I was so...
  9. Mechanical Advice
    Hi all. Having some time away with the misses and her bloody bike is playing up. Stalling at junctions etc so nothing to bad. Anyway we're getting code 29, 2 long flashes and 9 short from the fi lamp. Anyone know the codes? Thanks, David.
  10. Varadero
    Installing an inforad on the Varadero. Where's the best place to take power for it so that it's on/off with the ignition? (XL1000V2).
  11. Transalp
    Was thinking of installing an inline paper fuel filter (Mahle KL13) to my 650. Anyone installed such filter? Flow of petrol is reduced? Don't want to cut original fuel hose to accomodate filter and then find that it's restricting fuel to a point that carbs will be starved of petrol. Fuel hose...
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi, I own a 1998 RD07A africa twin with 100.000km on the odo and in last year I had a few situations when during driving engine was stalling.....problem is becouse this lasted only few minutes and after that everything was normal. Fuel pump is changed so this probably is not the reason as this...
  13. Mechanical Advice
    I've done a quick search and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a working link to a guide on how to install a 12v supply socket to a bike. Old threads are linking to a dead link. So has anyone got a link to a decent guide on how to do this? Many thanks.
  14. XR
    Hi everybody, I am new here, this is my first post. I am having difficulties with installing some aftermarket parts. I am still a beginner, so please go easy on me. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, David
  15. Transalp
    Hi, Just wondering if there are any issues when installing an genuine Honda centre stand, I do expect to loose some ground clearance but what else could be an issue? Cheers Blues
  16. magwa

  17. Dominator / FMX
    Please help, before I go mad. My Domi keeps stalling when on tick over. It seesm to tickover fine for a minute or so and then just stops, like the kill switch has been operated. Any ideas? Also, I have rebuilt the master cylinder and replaced the pistons and seals, but the front brake is still...
  18. XR
    I have a 97 XR600R that stalls when I back off the throttle and pull in the clutch when i have to pull up suddenly, does anyone have any tips for remedies or adjustments, any help would be much appreciated
  19. Transalp
    Hi, Being new to this game, I took the bike out the other day to practice some slow manouvering. Not sure whether the warm weather had anything to do with it, but the bike kept stalling, even when left stationary. Later, when coming to some lights, the bike stalled again. The bike is only 6...
1-19 of 25 Results