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    Giving a heads up to everyone how likes castrol power 1 10:40 fully synthetic. Tesco (petrol stations only) on offer at 2.50 lt! (Down from £12.00) bargain to be had. Happy days.
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    Chums ... And Fellow Earthlings ... Unless I'm very much mistaken ... The Evil Hedge Fund managers are clamouring, buying up short-term Greek debt, to turn a profit on it when the Greek economy gets bailed-out by the rest of the EU. Therefore, US, UK and EU tax payers will, in effect, be...
  3. Chatter
    This morning my air compressor mislaid itself so I decided to go to the local Shell fuel station and use their compressor. In fairness to them it was free, but also didn't fit and was out of order. No problem I thought, I'll go to Morrisons and use theirs. Alas, they wanted me to cross their...
  4. Transalp
    Hello I'm embarking on a trip around the UK coast on Saturday and, just looking at my map along the top of Scotland from John O'Groats to Ullapool (A836, A838, A894, A837 and A835) I'm a bit concerned there's going to be a shortage of petrol stations. Given I'm not going to get much more...