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  1. 2 reg's ,2 stators and 2 rotors later and XL250R still not charging! Help!!

    Hi all,new to forum but can do most things on bikes so suggestions don't need to be too simplistic but i think i could be missing something obvious here.I have a 1984 XL250R with an MD17 engine ( md11 originally) which i bought as project and restored.Starts and runs fine but doesn't charge...
  2. worth checking... 10mins

    Africa Twin
    just ballanced carbs on 2 old vfrs, friend was changing stators, new batterys, new reg/rec. I asked him why? charging problems. I remembered what i saw on here... £2 each! they now both run fine, & he's very happy. I've just checked it on my new project.... bike runs fine (apart from noisy...
  3. New Stator for XR400

    As mentioned in a previous post, my XR400 is not pushing out enough power and as a result, when the main headlight is on, the horn and rear brake light don't work. I've narrowed the problem down to the generator / stator, which is only pushing out around 4V. So, I need to replace it. I've...
  4. Trx conversion

    Well I can safely say that the TRX engine fits in the XR frame and all I've had to do it swap stators as the TRX had a 4 pin (+2 wires) and the XR has a 6 pin (+2 wires) connector. You only need a total of 6 wires anyway so I could have just cut and joined the connector. Not sure weather to use...
  5. xr600 stator upgrade

    any one on here upgraded there stator and reg to runn extra lights etc? and where is the best place to get one from? looking at Electrical parts for motorcycles - regulator rectifiers generators stators ignition coils lighting coils ht & pulse coils cdi units starter motors rotors or Ricky...
  6. Electrical Components Maker Electrex UK

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Dont know if mention of this company posted before anywhere here but this company looks well useful to source coils, CDI, other parts. Friend sourced new CDI for his XT550 here & said they were vey helpful / knowledgeable so thought i wld pass on for others maybe in need ! Electrical parts for...
  7. Headlight

    I noticed the other day my headlight is visibly dimmer than a mate who has a much newer XR4. Do stators decrease effectiveness with use?? I was lookin at having a brighter headlight and read about upgrading the stator. Is there anything you need/must do.I have been looking here...
  8. Power (electrical type) issues.

    Africa Twin
    So, my bike isn't behaving that well. I'm just not charging enough, I think. New Reg., battery is OK, but if I drive with the headlights on, the bike begins to bog down. Are the stators usually a problem? Or is this a symptom of something else? Thanks