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  1. Norway trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all Report and pics on my trip to Norway in August. I left home on 29th of July at about 1pm and just over 1 hour later I was in Folkstone the board the 3.20pm Eurotunnel. I hoped the weather would get better on the other side of the channel. I had lots of time to hope...
  2. Headlight Unit Required

    Just got back from a ride to Belgrade, Serbia. It was nearly 40C in Budapest on the way and I made the mistake of blanking off my dip beam with black tape. The tape got hot and cracks developed in the headlight lens. The Vara is a late FI. Any suggestions as to who could supply a used or pattern...
  3. For Sale: Honda Transalp 650V-Y (2001) Black 44,450m

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, Selling my Trannie... please see fleabay... Honda Transalp 650V-Y (2001) Black | eBay Any questions am happy to answer. Thanks to Lutin for all the advice making sure it stayed reliable
  4. Rivet link, enough peening?

    Evening All I've just finished changing my chain and sprockets, I'd originally planned to use a split link as I don't have a chain tool but the one I got must have been a bad one as after 1 failed attempt to slide the clip on it lost its spring and stayed open. This means I have had to use the...
  5. Many many many Africa Twin

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was a trip from Africa Twin club last weekend and Africa Twin owners came from almost all over Greece We stayed in Trikala Trikala - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia One of the most beautiful town in Greece next to the magnificent Meteora Meteora - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A unique...
  6. Calling rickskye and the other ugly git

    Calling rickskye and the other ugly one Yo rick and john:angel5: You guys remember the campsite we stayed on at the last Haggis run. Does that still exists? Or would you know of a even better one? Must say I did enjoy the site even if the walk to or more like from the pub was a bit of a mission...
  7. Sidestand light

    Africa Twin
    Although i haven't even looked at it yet since i parked it in the garage after norwich. Not long after me and Rob left the camp site. The sidestand light came on and stayed on. Any ideas what to look for before i strip it. Has that happened to anyone else. Cheers Mike
  8. Ignition coil lead - have I broken it?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, This may be a dumb question but I was changing the spark plugs on my 1990 AT this morning. Everything was fine until i pulled at the lead on the RR cable and the cable came away with a pop while the spark plug cap/seal stayed where it was.. I see on the cmsnl site that these are seperate...
  9. News years Eve

    I WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A LARGE HEADACHE IN THE MORNING What is everybody doing tonight? This is the second year for me since i was 14 that i have stayed in (i'm 35 now), i have the baby now to look after and can't be bothered paying over the odds to go into pubs for the night and...
  10. ABS Fault?

    Hi Guys Did a quick search and didnt come up with anything so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. Normally my ABS light comes on with the ignition and goes off after travelling a few yards. Tonight though the light flashed at me all the way home (6 miles). Got home (no problem) switched...
  11. Todays the day i should have stayed in bed !

    Couple of days off work, so thought i'd give the bike a real good clean. Then thought i'd clean the front calipers :sign6: Started on the right one, both blanking screws were siezed. Managed to get the bottom one out and the pad pin came loose ok:thumbup:. Then tried top one and its just...