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  1. Speedo vs rev counter question

    I have recently purchased a 1984 XLX250R & on my first ride today I am unsure if the speedo or tacho are reading correctly at 80klmh the tacho reads around 7k it seems to be quite high the gearing is 14--40 & I read std gearing is 13--38 which is not too far away can someone give me an idea of...
  2. 700 Rear Ssuspension

    Have a newly acquired 2008 700. Does anyone know the factory settings for damping and preload on a std shock? Its fine over big bumps (like speed humps) but a small, frequent sequence (like when the tarmac gets ripples in it - or rumble strips) feels like there's no suspension at all. I'm...
  3. Dominator piston rings dimensions

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello folks, me again :blob7::compress: Does anybody maybe know the correct dimensions of the Dommie piston rings in STD setup? (Inner diameter outer diameter and thickness of all three rings) Thanks! :thumbup::thumbup:
  4. a question of rims and finishings

    Africa Twin
    Clearly the STD Honda surface finish for their did rims is or was a bit rubbish, given the reports of corroded rims. So what's the alternative? Rims from other manufacturers that don't corrode? Powder coating? I just don't know.... Anyone?
  5. Xl700 low seat part no

    Just bought what was supposed to be a low seat for my 700 but part no is the same as the one I've got which is 77200MFFAD000 Think I've been had so can anyone help with the right part number and confirm if this is the part number for a std seat please?
  6. TKC80. Generic tyre pressure?

    Mechanical Advice
    Just popped a new one on the front of the NX4 trail bike and it is more twitchy than I anticpated from past experience. What are the thoughts on tyre pressures for the TKC80 generally, Up/Down/Standard?? Std pressure is 22psi for a more road type tyre.
  7. I want to purchase a new bike

    Other Honda
    Now i want to purchase a new bike of hero honda which is having a sporty bikes and looks are also sporty. In my mind one sport bike name is there Honda CBR 250R STD. Is this bike is suits me and it is having some intrested technical features. Or you have to suggest another once
  8. what will fit??

    hi folks im asking will a xr 400, xr 250 standard exhaust fit a 1992 baja 250??? im not sure if the std baja header pipes are the same diameter as the back box off a newer bike or the brackets will be in the same location.. basically im after a cheap replacement,, cheers
  9. Is there any way to work out kg/mm of a fork spring

    Hi All Is there a way to measure a fork spring to work out what kg/mm it is ?? I have several XR 400 fork springs but have no idea if there std or what weight they are.
  10. Do fmf header pipes fit on to std silencer for a xr650r

    Hi, would a fmf header pipe fit to a standard silencer on a xr650r cheers
  11. speedo cable length?

    Africa Twin
    Hi xrv folk.. could someone tell me the length of the speedo cable please thats used on the xrv750 ? and if it varies over the different models.. Reason is my TA650 needs a new cable and as I have non std mudguard and higher suspension the cable is very tight and could do with a longer
  12. bar risers or different bars

    CRF - New Forum!
    hi all, first decent ride on the CRF and although its a dream compared to the Husky i do need to raise the bars a touch. I have renthals std on at the moment but i could do with a piont in the right direction??? im 6'4'' Thanks, dom
  13. Honda XR 400

    Hi All Any one put a lowering link on a XR400, I'm looking for the std Honda suspension link. Cheers Andrew
  14. dommy std cans

    Dominator / FMX
    FREE FREE FREE did i say free they are scabby with a few plates welded here and there collect only from croydon area please dont ask me to post coz im a lazy ****e cheers mart ps i might make ya a cup of tea so aint all bad
  15. replacement end can for std honda lugage

    hi all, Thinking of getting a replacement end can for the exhaust on the 650v4, have std honda rack and panniers so need one to accomodate them. Dont want anything too noisy as the neighours a traffic cop:rolleyes: just a stainless can that looks nice and save a few kilos:p, to make...
  16. Wanted Rd03 Tail Pipe Not Std

    Africa Twin
    HI TO ALL!! HAS ANY ONE GOT A TILE PIPE FOR SALE FOR A RDO3!!! :thumbright:.........OR DOES A 750 PIPE FIT!!!!