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  1. stearing yoke bearings

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys quick question. My front got loose yoke. I decided to change bearings for my rd04. Bought new ones but they aren't ball bearings like in my bike but in description was exactly to fit my bike. Do they really fit?
  2. For Sale: BMW XChallenge/ XCountry fork seals/ head bearings 2 fork seals

    For Sale / Wanted
    XChallenge/ XCountry fork seals/ head bearings 2 fork seals. New. Fits BMW OEM forks. Now have WP/KTM front end that’s a different size. 45x58x11. £8 posted in the UK 2 stearing head bearings 28x52x16, purchased as spares. New. Fits BMW OEM headstock. £18 posted in the UK PM here/...
  3. Stearing stem - castle nut wrench

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, to prepare for the next steering head bearing change, I´d like to get myself a castle nut wrench to correctly torque the toothed steering stem nut. Does anyone have the required diameter of the wrench in millimeters available - I would prefer not to disassemble my bike at this time...
  4. 2013: KTM 1190 Adventure/Adventure R

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Adventure ADVENTURE: 1190 cc 150 hp 125 nm Servive intervall 15 000 km or once a year. Combined ABS, traction control MTC, adjustable WP suspension EDS, offroad mode for the ABS and MTC, adjustable footpinns, seat height and stearing bar, Wheels front 120/70-19 and 170/60-17 rear, weight 230...
  5. stearing lock on xr250

    bought bike but no key for stearong lock,I rang dave silvers up and they can supply new complete lock the question is how easy is it to change locks over?
  6. What size C-Spanner for the stearing stem bearing?

    Africa Twin
    Hello, my stearing head bearing seems to require adjustment. There is some play present but the bearing feels fine. I can not locate an adjustable C-Spanner for the adjustment, but can get hold of an individual size spanner. Does anyone know what size C-Spanner is needed for an Africa Twin's...