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  1. Fully Waterproof?

    Good news for bikers?? (or possibly divers!!) In theory, we should now be able to wear waterproof clothing made of tissue? BBC News - Gadgets 'made waterproof in an hour' :toothy3:
  2. North Wales Bike Show Cancelled

    Chatter I give up, we are obviously a bunch of lowlife scum unable to abide by the law :(
  3. Scientist test Yeti Hairs...

    Don't let them steal your mystery dude :toothy7:
  4. Unity Ride 17/08/08 - London

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Unity Rides London again! Every year we give bikers a day out in London where the freedom of the city is ours, the Motorbike is king and we can enjoy the sights from a totally different perspective. No filtering through traffic and no stopping at all just a cruise with a 1000 or so other bikes...
  5. Go to Jail

    Go to Jail, move directly to jail, do not collect £200
  6. Motorbiking Doggy

    Chatter Ahhh how cute
  7. Chads been at it again

  8. Brown stains in underwear time

    Skidmarks??? I'd say more than just on the runway!!!! BBC VIDEO LINK Kymmy
  9. Q: wots ur lif wrth?

    A: 4 yrs
  10. is 29 Feb 'yours' or 'theirs'?

    Subversive little sausage that I sometimes am:
  11. Found: Commonsense

    The shopkeeper who fought off and stabbed a robber with the robber's own knife will not now be prosecuted. There is already a campaign for him to be given a medal :thumbup:
  12. Modern times??

    Sorry but I have to ask...We are living in the 21st century?? A modern age?? Where killing witches was stopped some 200 years ago??? Kymmy
  13. Very sad (or lonely) people

    Chatter Perhaps a exhibition sport at the 2012 olympics???? Kymmy
  14. Not for the feeble minded

    What sort of defence is that then? I didn't kill her I only shagged her dead body. That has upset what was otherwise a happy day.
  15. Frosty relationship

    Did their love begin to cool?
  16. Yet another waste of a life...

    This isn't that far from me. Seems like a bloke got into a row over a football in a back garden....
  17. DOUGH!!!!!!!!

    Two Australians in Melbourne have been sentenced to eight years and seven years for stealing a bag of bread roles. A bit steep a sentence?? Not when you;ve read the story Kymmy
  18. Sir Edmund Hillary Dies today

    A true legend and one of my heros. Story here (Seattle Times 11/1/08 )
  19. Clarkson eats his words

    He published his bank details saying nobody could defraud him just with those. So somebody set up a direct debit to charity from his account. hee hee hee!
  20. Jump anyone?

    Respect from the Africa Twin Airborne Division