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  2. Varadero
    ...and I was struggling to work out how. Nicked from work car park and headed for fields, I followed tracks across them, I was sprinting and I'm no slouch for a big lad! I was a few mins behind them, loads of folk telling me... Couldn't see how they'd pushed it up the hills, doubt they started...
  3. Chatter
    STOLEN last night (19/8/16) from South Milford Hotel near Squires, a red and silver GPz900r, Yorks Reg No: E703 AAW, also a blue and silver GPz900r, Reg No: C368 RPD, looks like both were taken together in a van ... Police informed ... Any help much appreciated...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi ,my name Ioannis and I live in Sheffield My Africa was stolen three weeks ago and was found vandalized and in a terrible condition (engine and frame ok) I 've decided to keep it . Any suggestions for restoration shops would appreciated
  5. XR
    G'day everyone, I'm having a hard time trying to identify my XR, every "VIN checker" website I go to none of them can identify the vin as a vin here it is: ME01-5400695, I'd like to register my xr but I wanna know if it has been stolen in the passed, if anyone can help me out I'd very much...
  6. Africa Twin
    Luckily not my own, but not far from me the following bike was found. Perhaps someone might know the owner?
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Just had the pleasure of recovering my commuter 98 transalp from the police after it was stolen last night. Considering they only road it 1/2 a mile there is quite a bit of damage, mainly to plastics but it looks like its mostly luggs rather than smashed.... Anyway I need to replace the...
  8. Africa Twin
    Just saw this on Gumtree
  9. Africa Twin Was there not a couple of AT's stolen last year in Edinburgh that belonged to German ladies?
  10. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Black Transalp 700, Reg LB09 OJM stolen from Southampton overnight on Sunday 17th May. SW Motech engine bars and bash plate, Givi Screen. If seen please contact police and let me know. Cheers, Sam
  11. Chatter
    New to me, so apologies to you lot if this is old hat ...
  12. Africa Twin
    Motorbikes stolen on first night of city holiday - Edinburgh Evening News
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi Folks, I recently bought an AT on a Q plate (stolen recovery) and the new documents states a 2000 model. I know it's not a 2000 bike and believe it's a 93-95. Could some 'expert' look at the pictures and let me know what year it was manufactured so I can purchase some parts for it? VERY...
  14. Chatter
    On a US site HD Forum a bike stolen 28 years ago was recovered Vintage Harley-Davidson Stolen, Recovered 28 Years Later | HDForums
  15. Africa Twin
    Just received some bad news about Foz1969 his bike was stolen from Preston, he is just getting his other bike through MOT so maybe to busy to post so I though I would start a thread hoping somebody might be able to help. Pictures of said bike that I have from a ride out. Any details I am sure...
  16. Varadero
    Stolen in Fife area not mine someone in ABR forum :thumb:
  17. Chatter
    Manchester United's (whoever they are) Paul Scholes has car stolen. Just goes to further the theory that footballers are not the sharpest knives in the draw. Stiil, he should be able to afford another. Wonder if his insurers have stopped laughing yet? :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome...
  18. Spotted
    BobA's stolen black Rd04, seen wobbling between lanes 1 and 2, looked like it was being ridden by one of the blue rinse brigade complete with handbag strapped to the rear rack! I assume its been stolen by an oap anyway as that was the standard of riding! - anyone else see it??
1-18 of 37 Results