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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've just found a problem with my front brake lever, I can't dial out the free play by using the adjuster on the lever and I'm not sure if the the problem is down to the master cylinder or not. There is quite a bit of lever movement before the knocker hits the end of the M Cyl piston...
  2. Varadero
    This is odd. I have a new/used 2008 Varadero with ABS. It runs great on the highway. However, twice now the same issue has cropped up. Yesterday, riding home from the mall, it happened at a stop light. I stopped for the light, but when the light changed and I started to go, the brake would not...
  3. Transalp
    Hi folks. I have a problem with my 08 700TA. The fuse marked STOP/HORN keeps blowing, causing the stop light, horn and indicators not to work. I dont know what the indicators have got to do with it as they are on another fuse and that fuse is ok. and when you change the horn fuse it all works...
  4. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Well due to circumstances beyond my control (Got a GS, Got a GS , Got a GS !!!!!!!) :thumbup: , here we have my lovely wee Transalp for sale. She is a 2002 model , with 14000 Genuine miles on the clock. she is Mot's and Taxed into this year , end of March for both. she has new pads and Tyres...
  5. The Longest Day (Planning)
    This has been prepared by one of the Guys (Usil) on the BCFr forum, some useful tips and perhaps we should put it one the web site, whaddya fink ? Driving in Paris: Driving in Paris requires you to be prepared for the typical French style of driving where unwritten rules exist and if you do...
  6. XR
    My '04 400 keeps blowing the tail light and dipped HL bulbs within an hour of being fitted, full beam and brake light stay Ok . The tail/stop light is a halfords 12v 21 / 5 w. Any Ideas would be appreciated Ta
  7. Africa Twin
    Hey guys, My baby is sick again. Im very un-tech savvy so this is my best attempt to write out its symptons. any advice or help would be greatly appreciated but dumb it down a bit for me if you dont mind. The first 'issue' I didnt think much of - it seemed to be a bit harder to accelerate...
  8. XR
    I recently bought a XR250R. It is a 1984 model and is not registered for the road. Has anyone done a road conversion on this bike or something similar. Of course I need new tyres, possibly a new silencer but to get a daytime MOT I need a stop light operated from both front and read brakes levers...
  9. Transalp
    I saw Halfords are selling led bulbs, they have the normal bayanet fitting but instead of a glass bubble they have lots of LED's. Only seen tail/stop light so far, but if you would like an alternative to the replace the rearlight unit versions then this may be the way.
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    A couple of thoughts crossed my mind... Well 3 linked ones... Firstly I was reading Magwas comments about my riding style on an earlier post on the forum, then I read about McVicar and Lord Vadar dropping their bikes, here (something I've done more than a few times!!!), and then I read the...
  11. Africa Twin
    Just fitted one from M&P. Used the Givi top box mount as the base.
1-11 of 11 Results