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  1. xr400 rear brake

    anyone have any idea on how to improve the stopping power on the rear brake ???
  2. mosfet wiring question

    Africa Twin
    when you fit the upgraded reg rec, you unplug the original round plug and blank it off with grease to stop it shorting, you the put the red and black wires to the battery. i'm using the R6 reg on mine, whats stopping me doing the same with this reg?
  3. This may sound stupid but...

    Africa Twin
    I am trying to remove the front sprocket cover and have undone the two bolts but can't get the cover off. I have looked at the Haynes manual and can't see anything else that could be holding it on. Am I missing something? Looks like something near the bottom stopping it from coming off.
  4. XR 250 FRONT END to XL500S

    Hi, does anyone know if a 1984/85 XR250R front end will fit straight on to a 1979 XL500S.....I am trying to convert my bike from drum to disc as i have had one too many heart stopping moments, can anyone tell me the distance between the xr250r axle to the top of the forks - the diameter of the...
  5. Hoi Craig!

    I notice that Microsoft is stopping support for Windows XP next April, does that mean you will be falling down a lot? :iconbiggrin: Andy.
  6. the Pink Rolls Royce

    Just had this posted to me, pity i go back to work on Thursday Prof Brian Cox could be interesting to meet not to bothered about the rest. Appears they are doing Lands end to John o groats for breat cancer. Don't know where they will be stopping at the destinations they state though Chris Evans...
  7. Has anyone been to Yamaha Off Road School in Llanidloes?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am going with some friends from Oakley motorcycle club - Beds. A few have done a previous off road day. (As have I. but elsewhere at Trailworld). Just wondered if anyone else has been there, and what they thought of it? I am riding up there on my Sertao, but NOT going around on my bike...
  8. starter motor idle gear gasket

    Dominator / FMX
    A shorts note that may save some head scratching. If you remove the casing covering the starter motor idler gears make sure you refit the gasket and don't just use silicon as a gasket instead. I did and after much wasted time when the starter motor struggled to turn the engine after refitting...
  9. 1989 dominator brake

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I have a lovely old dominator that just keeps going, it didn't however like stopping. I rebuilt the caliper, changed the hose etc and constantly had sticking or spongy front brake. I have now fitte a brembo front caliper off an slr and hey presto! excellent brake but I really need a 276mm...
  10. M5 accident

    Dear oh dear. Seven dead. It stands to reason that if people were maintaining stopping distances appropriate to the conditions it couldn't have happened. It's foggy here this morning so be careful out there and take another ten minutes.
  11. Losing power then stopping

    Africa Twin
    Hi I've got my AT 650 on the road after a bit of work on rear shock and rear brakes. Have had a few rides out in Yorkshire but it has just failed me. Having riden about 35 miles it lost power and then refused to start until the engine had cooled. When trying to start it again it was as if...
  12. Brake problem - No stopping power but very firm lever ???

    Mechanical Advice
    The front brakes on my RD07a are AWFUL.... Since owning the bike, iv'e changed the lines to braided goodridges, changed all the piston seals and replaced the front pads and cleaned the disks... The brakes are still awful and almost scary... I actually have much more stopping power with the...
  13. Bike cuts out when stopping at lights

    Dominator / FMX
    Now I know we've had a fair few threads regarding rough running SLR's recently, some of them being my own! I've managed to put it down to my carb's icing when the temperature is low and it's foggy. Adding Pro FST to my tank has since stopped all that and the bike has been running great again...
  14. Stopping On A Transalp!

    Have any new 700 owners experienced balance problems with the bike when coming to a stop at junctions and the like, especially carrying passengers/luggage? I find that I have to stop in a straight line, and any deviation seems to encourage the bike to want to topple over. I have to get my...