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  1. XR
    hello from Italy, I need to know if the store XR650R.Co.Uk is still active today. Someone here in Italy has tell me that XR650R.Co.Uk is gone out of business, is this true? Hope smeone can help me to understand how is the thing! THANKS!
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    hi, i'm looking for a 1998 honda XLR125RW CDI honda code 30410-KCM-008 replacement CDi or repair store adress welcome too thx, erik
  3. Africa Twin
    The picture of the Excel wheels (off RuggedRoads' website) shows the dimples are undrilled. Maybe it is a generic image. Those who bought their Excel wheels from them, did they come pre-drilled or not? Also, if they comre pre-drilled, was it for the stock nipples of for oversized nipples for...
  4. Africa Twin
    Looking everywhere to get rear linkage bearings and prices scandless [emoji16] BEARING NEEDLE 17.5x24.5x22mm 91079-KA3-831 Any how come across this site Online Store - ORO2U it redirect to Catalyst FindIt £5 each but site deemed unsafe .....[emoji54] Anyone any experience? Recommend others...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I need to store my RD03 for about 6 months but could be longer.. not a very long time but Is there anything that should be done ? Iv herd that you should pull the clutch leaver in ? And what about petrol in the tank/carb? The bike will be kept inside a warm house. Thanks...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Ricor intiminators for sale: fits all transalp with 41mm forks Hello, I bought a pair of Ricor Intiminators for my Transalp. Use them for less then a year. Recently upgraded to Hyperpro Suspension kit, and they advise no mixing with other solutions. I decided to sell them. My Price: 120 USD...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Before I head down to the local hardware store, I wonder if any folks have 'collected' surplus tools over the years and would be willing to sell these. I have the spark plug tool, but I am particularly interested in a set of ring wrenches (10/12,17 and 24 mm). Thanks in advance!
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Link pipe for RD07a I understand it might be a long shot, but perhaps somebody has a destroyed slip-on muffler with a good link pipe for an RD07. Must be Ø54mm OD fo my Leo Vince slip-on. Something like what RuggedRoads used to offer. Pipe and springs. Don't really need the bracket. Or if you...
  9. Other Honda
    My mate having problems finding a clutch Cable for his XBR500. Wemoto have none. Neither does CMS in Holland. David Silver will not get them in store for Another four months. (if ever...) Anyone on the forum knows were I can get a Cable? Cheers!
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm considering ways to store a bit more weight further forward on the bike (RD07). Let me know if you have any of the following for sale: - Front rack (above/below headlight) - Modified sump guard with storage for tools etc - hard or soft tank panniers - soft tank bag (~15l minimum) Matt.
  11. Varadero
    I'll be picking my Vara up from store in a few weeks but have the slight problem that the battery will very likely be flat...For various reasons I couldn't take it out when I parked it up and there's no leccy supply there. Sooo, one of the options is that I buy a battery, get it shipped to my...
  12. Clothing
    Any recommendations for motorcycle clothing shops in and around Birmingham/Wolverhampton area? Looking for somewhere to browse and try on gloves, boots, etc. Googling throws up J&S in Deritend, and Bikers World in Coleshill. Anyone used either store? Any good? Iain
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    These are still packaged brand new. Accidental buy. $150 Aussie dollars. They don't weigh much so postage should be cheap. Graeme
  14. Transalp
    Would like some advice on a tent please something that I could nearly stand up in instead of rolling around on the floor trying to put my trousers on !(bearing in mind im 6 foot).I usually buy a 3 berth for myself it gives me extra room to store panniers etc. I usually strap the tent to the...
  15. Chatter
    Burglar aprehended Only in Norway: Burglar Caught by Tractor - My Little Norway
1-15 of 42 Results