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  1. eBay - Africa Twin
    Benzintank, Verkleidung items in Honda Motorradteile store on eBay!
  2. Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, I put a HID kit on the transalp and looking to put one on the new bike has anyone on here any experience of LED Bulbs, 35W Xenon items in Hids4you store on eBay! ?? Cheers
  3. Africa Twin
    Anyone know if this bulb type has an led replacement of some sort? Halfords | Halfords Bike it Motorcycle Bulb HMB233 12v 4w
  4. Discounts / Deals
    Get 'em before they're gone - £5 Haynes manuals. And for once the same offer applies here in Eire - and for €5 too. :thumbup: 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  5. Helmets
    How do I find out what colours and designs the X4 are available in, in the UK? The images on the Arai website don't seem to match up with the online stores in the UK, which are different again on the Continental online stores. I want grey, but can't seem to find it. Grrr. Iain
  6. Mechanical Advice
    hi, anyone now where i could get a 60 pilot for my xl600r? all the parts stores i use for my parts dont do them, any help?
  7. Africa Twin
    In what seems to be the time honoured humourous way of this forum - I wondered if any of you could identify this item? Please bear with it to the end - IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!! All those who said chair- Wrong!! It LOOKS like a chair - Still looks like a chair - BUT!!! Let's...
  8. Mechanical Advice
    just wanted to know if these are the right lights to fit to my 600 TA and can i use the wireing from the heated grips i removed?
  9. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Got a Workshop Manual for an RD07a for another member, from this guy, quick, reasonable price and good quality, the one I got was completely unused and cost £30, see his eBay shop for details. Or contact him for info, he lists all bikes, all makes, not...
  10. Transalp
    Having struggled with the honestly god aweful low beam on my Alp for a whole two months now, I have been looking at ways to improve the lighting before a fox kills me. Has anyone used these bulbs specifically and are they as good as they say or more cheap tat? Cheers in advance, James.
  11. B+Q

    Mechanical Advice
    stores are now stocking a small selection for flat plate strips, box section, and tube, in ali and steel in 2m lengths:cool::cool: at least the one near me in chelmsford are:D handy if you playing around in the garage knocking somthing up and need materials on the quick:cool::cool::cool...
  12. Transalp
    Items for a perfect day: 1. Kids let us have a lay in 2. Better half suggested I might like to try and find DS's for the kids on my own "why not take the bike?" 3. Weather was so mild didn't even need heated grips on 4. Found everything I went out for and didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes...
  13. Chatter
    right i bought the other day a zumo online from Halfords.When it arrived and i opend the box i thought i had some parts missing:(.Phoned customer service on Saturday which where actually very helpfull and i also did not have to hold on for longer than maybe a minute or two.Unfortunatly the lady...
  14. Africa Twin
    Not sure if this has been discussed already, but I got some plastic penetrating vinyl dye delivered this morning, and have just finished spraying the faded black plastic parts of my bike (chain guard, mudguard etc). The results so far have blown me away. They went from old, tatty looking...
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi All, can you please point me in the right direction re;HID conversion?? I have searched and come up with the following recomendation from fourm members...
1-15 of 35 Results