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  1. 600 rebuild story

    interesting thread:
  2. RD07 GFK rear tank fuel line

    Africa Twin
    Greeting from Austria! Since i saw many Twins with rear tanks in this forum, i got to ask you a few questions. Short story: I bought a modified RD07 1995 last year which needed some love, stripped it this winter, removed everything the previous owner built, checked and overhauled pretty much...
  3. To Weld Or Not To Weld

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Some of you might have a vague memory of a post I put up over 2 years ago entitled; "I Was Sold A Lemon" Long story short, the engine in my 'new to me' 1991 RD04 had an oil leak, was discovered the sump had a crack which was filled, dealer bought me a replacement engine, I had it...
  4. Quick post looking for Reg/Rec Links. The best of the best.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, So I i'm under strong suspicion that my Reg/Rec is failing/failed. Make long story short I am looking for top of the line high quality Reg/Recs for my RD07. Any suggestions welcome. Aidan.
  5. RD07 Dual Pulsar question

    Africa Twin
    Hi members. I'm working on a friends RD07 which he's trying to "bring back from the dead". Long story short. The original engine blew (or got blown) and he bought a new one from a stripped down bike. His bike is a RD07 XRV750 T which has onepick up/pulsar coil listed on the Haynes wiring...
  6. Scam Warning- Take Care booking Tickets Via The Trainline or Shopping Online !!

    Sorry its long winded.. but have to warn you all !! In Early March this year I received an email from a Company called “Complete Savings". Not recognising the name atall I replied telling them to stop sending me unsolicited email. I then got a reply stating I was “A Member”... Now I have...
  7. Any Swiss members out there? (Or what to do with a Swiss RD07 frame?)

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, On one of my parts hoarding trips I acquired an RD07 frame. Never needed a frame, but can't resist hoarding XRV parts. It needs blasted and powder-coated, but it seems in a pretty good overall shape. It came from a barn full of bike bits collected over years by a fellow parts hoarder...
  8. WP 48 conversion issues so far

    Africa Twin
    So, I might as well start with a brief description of whats going on with my RD07: Decided to upgrade the front forks for a WP48mm. It's an easy swap if you buy the whole front end set like I did. I got the brake pump + braided cable + caliper + forks (with braces) + wheel from a 2003 KTM 450...
  9. Translap "pops"

    Translap "pops" ( SOLVED !!!) Got 2 problems and here is the story ...English is not my native language so be nice to me .... Trasnsalp 650 in perfect condition 165.000 klm all service on time carburetors cleaned very very well 2000 klm ago by authorized service center . 1) At any...
  10. Anyone intersted in a bespoke Fuel exhaust

    Africa Twin
    If anyone is interested in purchasing a Fuel exhaust for their xrv750 then pm me. If there is enough interest then Fuel Exhausts will make a batch for us, they are not going to be releasing as an 'off the shelf' product so let me know. I personally had one on my Transalp and it was a good...
  11. clutch noises

    Africa Twin
    Hi all started my xrv for the first time since i bought it after fitting some led indicators (long story ).Any how on strting the idle had been set too high so once the bike warmed up i reduced the idle spped to a respectable 1200,as i was lowering the clutch noise became louder like the...
  12. Wanted: Honda XR400 Engine

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all My XR blew up in Southern Spain, I managed to get it back but I need a new engine really. Would be interested if anyone has a whole one or bits such as barrel, piston, left crankcase. Im in Hampshire but happy to travel or pay postage Pics and story at Ben
  13. TouraTech travel event Ireland

    Meet Ups / Rideouts Anyone going to this?
  14. Please read this and share for our grandauter.

    Please read this and share for our granddaughter A big thank you from all of Emily's family.
  15. Trail riding

    Africa Twin
    Hello. Any one have advice on trail riding in Wales. I have a few spare days in late August and would like to put my xr in my van and head off. I don't want to book a guide as I really am of the gentle pace and have heard story's of guides and groups going flat out. Just want to know my way...
  16. For Sale: Africa Twin 750 FOR SALE

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    This is a slightly odd one. This 750 Africa Twin is looking a new home and is priced at £5000. I'm not sure what model or year it is or of AT values, however there's a wee story to this one. The owner has just recently passed away and his family want the bike to go to a good home. All monies...
  17. XLV700 plug cap replacement

    Took my 2008 Transalp out for it's first ride of the season and started having all sorts of running problems after only a few miles. Cut the long story short, plug cap failure. When I removed it to check the plugs the bit that attaches to the top of the plug stayed attached to the plug...
  18. with two XL700VA around the world

    My girlfriend an me rode around the world with two XL700VA. Honda does not sponsor us or even give us a discount on anything. Thereby this is completey honest: these bikes are undestroyable and they can suffer a lot. We rode 183,475 Km (app. 110k miles) and we had nearly no problems except...
  19. Motorcycle Vagabonds - Ride around the World

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Around the World on Two Wheels, Vagabond Style We have dreamed of it for many years, until we finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After 3 ½-years travelling around the world on Honda Transalps we are now back and ready to reminisce about the 114,000 miles that have passed...
  20. 'New' 1997 Transalp XL600V - value?

    Hello again, it's been 6 years or so since I was last here. I have a Transalp that has done 803 miles since I bought it from new in 1997. It's a long story .... but it's told here: The bike is basically new...