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  1. Stow on the Wold bike meet?

    I was thinking of heading up to Stow on the wold this wednesday evening for a bike meet I have heard about. Has anyone been before, is it worth a trip up from Bristol? Any info happily recieved. Cheers Andy
  2. 2012 National - Trail Ride - Thetford Forest and Peddars Way..

    National Meets
    Probably a little different from what most of you are used to, Thetford and the surrounding area offers miles of tracks with a variety of surfaces from lush grass & mud, to sometimes wet, sometimes dry sand :eek:, but most notably it's all very flat. While flat can often mean dull, I think the...
  3. Chain tension checker

    Bodgers Corner
    Hi all, I posted this in the @ forum but there doesn't seem to be any interest so I'm widening the potential net by posting it here, I've no idea what the chain tension should be on bikes other than the @ so it still might not be of any interest to anyone but here goes... After reading lots of...
  4. @ chain tension checker

    Africa Twin
    After reading lots of the correct amount of chain slack I think it looks like there should be about 70mm between the underside of the swingarm and the chain (i.e. you can wedge a 70mm block inbetween the swingarm and chain) with this in mind I've cut a bit of 2"x1" to 70mm and I'll keep it in my...
  5. Coastal Ride - North East Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    “Wot you doin” “Nothin! Wot you doin” “Run out tomorrow?” “OK. Where & when? And so it came to pass that LWR and meself set out for a Spring Bimble along the northen coast of the North-East of Scotland! We met at a local superish store located in the middle of nowhere, cos it was sort of in...
  6. 2011 Seveylor Tahiti Plus 3 person inflatable canoe

    Product Reviews
    Sort of bike related (it will possibly all fit on your bike) Saw some people canoeing in inflatables last year and thought that would be great for me, the wife and son :toothy10: So had a browse and got one last week from here (was delivered next day and was the cheapest I could find) ...
  7. Discovering the Cotswolds

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    For a change today I thought I head off down to the Cotswolds, an area within spitting distance that I rarely take advantage of. I took a few images but noting too exciting. First I headed for Stow on the wolds via the stunning Fosse way, the weather was perfect and for once I'd kitted up right...
  8. Hard Panniers

    Quick question to those of you that have the extortionate Honda 29L pannier set on the 700. I know they are different sizes, but can you get a helmet in the bigger one? Also, how much do they stick out, presumably much less than Givi panniers which do not follow the contours of the bike...
  9. Update on Ian Coates - Riding Around the World

    Hello everyone, I have recently heard once again from our good friend, Ian Coates, who has been making his way around the world on his Africa Twin since 1999 and he would like me to post his most recent update..... All the best and safe riding!!! Dee DEE WOULD YOU PLEASE POST THIS FOR ME: I...
  10. Routes

    The Longest Day
    I have travelled on business in Ireland a few times a year for the last 20 years so I am aware of the geography of area. But I am not an expert on the routes in Ireland. However having had a chat with a friend of mine who now lives in Newbridge I though it may be helpful to share the fruits...
  11. Spotted in Battersea

    Africa Twin
    The last couple of night I have seen a nice Red Africa Twin with SWMOTEC carriers parked on the Queenstown Road, just before the humped Crossing. Dare I ask..................... Anyone we know?
  12. Charity event in Wales

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    While you were all going from Capital to Capital it was time for Chris and I to head to Abercarn in S Wales. This time no mates, no B&B just me,Chris, Red and the tent. Bike all loaded Off we went, Oxford then the A40 most of the way just to get there. Quick stop for fuel and a bite to eat. We...
  13. noth cornwall

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    had a brief outing on my RD250 yesterday well it has only done 130 miles since the rebuild now on 175, but hacking the little stroker around is god fun anyhow here are a few pics of north cornwall around bude in a valley near bude overlooking bude from th southwest you can see the just...
  14. Centre stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Seen a few threads about difficulty using centre stands. Having nearly pulled something trying to heave my @ up, I tried this: it works a peach. Put a narrow, 2 inch thick piece of wood on the floor and roll the back wheel onto it, the momentum makes it quite easy. Then put the stand...
  15. Welsh Winter ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    ............which turned out to be mostly in England actually :shock: Many thanks to dave for taking us on a great route. My apologies to everyone for scooting off at Stow as we were about to leave the garage I realised what the time was and decided to head for home with DaveS in hot...
  16. All the way from New Zealand and living in Chester

    Hi there New to this site as I have only recently acquired my Transalp. Have put a posting on one of the other forums looking to hook up for rides etc. Any of you guys been to NZ? Would love to have my machine back in Queenstown, no traffic, fantastic scenery (I think I'm talking myself into...