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  1. Wanted: Old Front Brake Discs

    For Sale / Wanted
    A strange request I know, but does anyone have any old front brake discs for an RD04 lying around? I’m upcycling an unserviceable front wheel into a clock for my garage and I think it’ll look better with a disc on it. Happy to pay for postage. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. RD07 Standard seat clean

    Africa Twin
    Bit of a strange ask but here goes. Anyone any ideas on how to clean off oil (might be ACF50) that I spilt on the standard seat? Got a couple of marks. Tried hot soapy water. Also some bike cleaner but the stains are still there on the rough bit of the saddle. Did not want to be too aggressive...
  3. strange clicking sound

    Dominator / FMX
    i have just rebuilt my 92 dommie top end new followers,oilpump disaster. I have fitted everything back as itshould be however when turning the motor over on the crank to find the T mark. As i rotate the crank i can hear a "click" is this the cam actuating the decrompression plunger? should i be...
  4. Strange markings on main jet “CBT”

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Stripped and cleaned my carb and thought I’d check the jet sizes etc. On the slow jet was the number 55. Which I understand is quite large! However I cannot find any size on the main jet only the letters CBT ???? Is that just a model fitment number or do these letters correlate to a...
  5. Starting issues

    Africa Twin
    My RD07A have started to behave strange when it is cold. It starts with full choke but dies after a while. I can start it again but slowly dies. If I add throttle it dies at once. When the engine gets warm there is no problem only when cold. It can take 15 min struggling wit hstart gas and...
  6. Africa Twin RD07A starting problem

    Africa Twin
    Hello Mates, I got an issue on my Africa... It is a kind of strange starting issue: When I turn the key, I got lightes on an everything looks like working perfectly (lights, turn, etc..) Then I switch the start killer "on" and push the button to start. Nothing happens: no noise, no moves...
  7. Strange custom header, spare engine and Keihin flat slide carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Just bought a 2006 FMX 650. Found this strange custom header in a box of spares that came with the bike. Anyone have any idea if they would fit or the performance etc. Also got a spare 650 engine and a Keihin 42mm flatslide carb ;-) The engine and carb will be sold later just want opinions if...
  8. Bike pulsing when cruising - thoughts ?

    Mechanical Advice
    Strange one, when cruising home 30mph ish the bike seems to pulse like the throttle drops and then returns... I have a suspicion of the clutch plates/friction plates but wanted a second opinion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Very strange behaviour..

    Africa Twin
    This is a strange one... When I start the bike on the side stand and use choke the bike idols around 1200rpm, BUT if i lean the Bike over untill it’s level then the revs climb to 2500-3000rpm. This only happens with the choke on. when I’m moving the bike on or off the side stand the handle...
  10. Clutch switch, side stand, neutral issue

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've got a strange issue with my '94 Transalp, let me explain and see if one of you can point me where to look. Current state: Connect both wires to clutch switch - Neutral stay on in all gears. remove one cable bike works as normal, the light goes out when shifting to first and...
  11. Very faint ticking noise

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all I have a very faint ticking noise coming from down near the oil filter area just wondering if it is normal, also it seems to feel like someone is now and again pushing against my bike as I'm going along, a few weeks ago I changed the oil etc and it was at the level at the time, I removed...
  12. XL125V5 battery drain

    I have a strange problem. My battery has been running down(new battery) I have removed the aftermarket alarm but that's not cured it. With the negative lead disconnected if I put a 12v tester(not a multimeter) between the lead and battery post I get 5v with the ignition off. It's a graduated...
  13. Got myself one at last!

    A lovely 650 on an 02 plate with all the luggage and a strange oiler (not Scott). Am a little alarmed at the seating position tho. I think i will be forming a squeeky voice and a sorebum in no time! Are there resolutions to this issue?
  14. Mystery indicator problem... Electrical guru required... :o)

    Africa Twin
    Morning all, It's been a while... life and the bike are now both back on track following some major changes in the last 12 months, including a move to Dartmoor... Bike is ready for an MOT save for one very strange niggle... Engine off. Headlights OFF. Indicators work perfectly... Engine off...
  15. Running on rear cylinder only

    Africa Twin
    After about a year sitting I tried starting my RD04 yesterday. It fired but running only on rear cylinder. Fuel gets into cylinders (pluga are wet) and all plugs have spark. Voltages across ignition coils are OK. I tried testing pulse generator voltage as per manual but don't get any reading...
  16. front cylinder hammer noise

    Hi, my 16 yr old XL650 has a strange noise coming from the front cylinder bottom. It is audible when hot at idle rpm, it goes away when the rpm increases. The noise is NOT sharp(high pitched) like regular tappet noise , mine sounds like lightly knocking a hard object with a medium-light hammer...
  17. XRV750 RD07 digital trip meter clocking up miles ways too fast - Help Please

    Africa Twin
    Evening all... I have a strange thing going on with my bike. I lost the speedo etc so have replaced the plastic drive wheel on the front wheel and all is turning nicely and the speedo is now working again at the correct speed. However, the digital trip meter seems to have had a mardy fit and...
  18. No filings but chips in the engine ^ ^

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there, I'm a French guy and this is my first post here (and also first time opening a Domi engine) because I wanted to change the cam chain for a friend's Domi and one screw maintening the chain tensioner broke while trying to take it off :eek: I've tried all the ways to take it off from...
  19. my rd07 ratling under 2000rpm in neutral

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone ... im new...and i need help ..My rd07 AT 93' started making a strange rattling noise on my right side were the discs are...when i pull the clutch it stops...or in neutral and over 2000 rpm it stops...i think i can hear it when i ride in second gear with passenger...seen a couple of...
  20. Just saying hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all I've been riding bikes over 40 years and have had a very strange assortment in that time including CZs, MZs, Royal Enfield, BMWs, a few British bikes and 3 or 4 Japanese thumpers. I've just bought a 1999 SLR650 to replace my Yamaha SR400 as it is kickstart only and hurts my knee too much...