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  1. For Sale: Trax Pannier

    For Sale / Wanted
    Trax Panniers for sale, Including inner bags and Carrying straps all in VGC only used a couple of times.£300 Pick up from Walton on Thames, Surrey. Mobile: 07734051408
  2. For Sale: Airhawk Dual Sport seat cushion.

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD In Ireland but can post. good condition no straps (they are rubbish anyway...) i used my own. Very comfortable in use and essy to set-up. looking for €40
  3. Best securing staps for camping gear?

    Got my camping gear together (thanks for the helpful advise) but would like to attach it as securely as possible . What are your favourite straps.? Got some ROK straps but not sure about them.
  4. Varadero cheap Cans

    Got a set of VTR race cans (Renagade) of ebay for £30. They almost went straight on. Photo's and instructions to follow. With 2 can straps and a bit of time total £35 If anyone wants photo's email me. I can also give instructions on what I did. They sound gorgeous and at £30 what CAN you say
  5. Bungee Straps and such like

    On the odd occasions I need to carry something on the back seat I use a small cargo net but for heavier things it never feels particularity secure. Bungee straps are never the right length and I always end up with them too lose or so tight I am in danger loosing an eye. I've seen these Link...
  6. andystrapz pannier straps too short

    Mechanical Advice
    hey all just got some andystrapz panniers and tried to fit them over metal mule racks. Problem is that the velcro straps between the two aren't long enough. There's only about 2inches of contact. Anyone come across this problem and solved it? Thanks, Steve