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  1. For Sale: Garmin streetpilot 2620

    For Sale / Wanted
    Sold This came with my bmw but I don't use it , it has mains power lead usb lead and bike power lead and also a jack plug lead but i'm not sure what this does £50
  2. Wanted: garmin street pilot 3 motorbike mount!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    Has anyone got a garmin streetpilot 3 motorbike mount laying around in the back of the garage and have no use for it. Then I would be interrested in it as I just got a streetpilot of e-bay but now need to find a mount for my transalp 600v. So if you can help this losted biker!! Give a reply...
  3. leaky streetpilot 111

    Mechanical Advice
    I recently picked up a 2nd hand Garmin SP3 from Kitped of this forum. Its great except while in Scotland I left it out in heavy rain for 1/2 hour or so. I thought it would be alright as its supposed to be waterproof to IPX7 (or whatever) and I have used it rain while moving previously but...
  4. Garmin StreetPilot 3 mounting question

    Hey guys, Been a while since i last posted (been a bit busy making babies), I have just won a streetpilot 3 deluxe on flea-bay for £50 (well happy:thumbup:) but unfortunately it doesnt come with a cradle :(. Does anyone know where I can get a fairly descent one from? All help would be...
  5. Garmin Streetpilot III help

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi there I have been a site member for some time but keep getting flagged up to post something meaningful. So here goes, have a couple of the above units and would welcome some tips to fit to my '96 Africa Twin without blowing anything up or draining battery unduly when garaged. I have the...
  6. For Sale - Garmin StreetPilot 26XX Motorcycle Mount

    For Sale / Wanted
    eBay item 140222904283 Used about 10 times, this is a Garmin Motorcycle Mount Kit P/N 010-10495-00. This should fit the Garmin StreetPilot 26XX series, and I have used it with my Garmin 2610. PLEASE NOTE IT DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER LEAD. YOU WILL NEED THIS. I still have the power lead...
  7. StreetPilot Upgrade Confusion

    Mechanical Advice
    To all the chaps and chapesses on here that got the Streetpilot Deluxe deal from GPS Warehouse like myself: Garmin tortured me trying to get the free upgrade to Mapsource V8. They now say its not available anymore but I can't fathom how to get the V9 upgrade which I can now buy. Anyone else...
  8. Streetpilot Help

    Mechanical Advice
    Help :oops: I've put some routes for a trip into Mapsource. :D I've saved them onto the datacard :D So how come I can't see them on the Streetpilot III? :shock: Please don't tell me that it doesn't do routes like this? Please help urgently - trip start tomorrow and guess who's been...
  9. GPSW.CO.UK StreetPilot III Tips

    Mechanical Advice
    Just a thread to collate snippets of info from those that bought a cheapo StreetPilot III from GPSW.CO.UK I'll start with the software setup and things I discovered last night. Setting up the software, you are entitled to a free update to Version 8 maps DVD (unit is supplied with V7). If you...
  10. Garmin Streetpilot III deluxe.

    Popping in Macro last week I noticed they are selling Garmin Streetpilot III deluxe's for £249. Compare that with BMW's price for the very same item £1000. I would say thats' not too bad. :shock: