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    What a great day, much easier to get about. No hold ups, no traffic jams and no bloody red buses getting in the way.:thumbup: Keep 'em off the roads, stay on strike boys and girls.:mrgreen:
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    I'm fed up hearing about how hard done by the teachers are and now they are out on strike again. Teachers get more time off than any other profession, if they wan't more money and rights why don't they sign 9mth contracts then the other 3 months of the years when they're on holiday they can get...
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    Jeezus, I would have soiled my pants! BBC News - Paraglider brought down by bird strike over Himalayas :toothy3:
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    I do not know if anyone has seen this here before .. but here goes.. YouTube - Lightning strikes in a motorcycle :violent2:
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    It has been reported that a small Scottish raiding party consisting of a Wee Baldie Old Git and his daughters' boyfriend , made a short, sharp raid into the Darlington / Middlesbrough area last night. The mission was considered a success with the repatriation of a nice XR400R for aforesaid...
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    I'm not going to go into whether the strike is justified or not but would like to comment on the road users on my commute.. *Rant on* Firstly the number of cars were, as expected, horrendous. And of course shed loads of them can't except that some road users might get to work before they do...
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    .....all the local petrol stations put the price up!! thieving bunch of barstewards!! and at least one place near here(Uplyme) had no petrol,just diesel on Thursday.
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    My step dad's a service manager in a local car and motorcycle franchise. He's just had a fuel tanker come in and the driver told him that (HIs fuel station is a jet) the shell fuel strikes tommorrow will effect alot of other fuel suppliers as a lot of them (jet for one) use the shell fuel stores...
1-8 of 8 Results