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  1. Dominator / FMX
    hello again. my front brake is binding so i fancied stripping it down to give it a good freshen up. not much recent history on the bike so i thought i aught to. anyone know where to get a new gasket set and i'm sure someone will have advice on the stripdown before i start! cheers all!
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thursday morning... Off I go to collect my bike from the local shop, that was supposed to have done the head race bearings. They hadnt done the job.. Bearing on back order. The bearings are not bad by any means. Get back home and start loading bike up. Then the delays start..... The new...
  3. Africa Twin
    Almost finished the general stripdown and rebuild of my new (96) AT and as usual the choke cable, as on my other two ATs is knackered. (why is it such a shite design) But this time I don't just need the choke cable but the two plastic choke plunger nuts that screw into the carbs also...
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi. I've bored you all with tales of fitting engines, so I'm not going to do that with this post... I now have a new (sigh) problem. When the engine is under medium to full load, it has a serious misfire and power loss. To improve its running, I have temporarily removed the air filter, which...
  5. Africa Twin
    I also have had my AT for five years from new, mine has let me down, due to Honda`s poor build quality [ a total stripdown due to a gear box failure] What do you buy ? BMW who's build quality has fallen, or tart up your AT. MAKE YOUR AT NEW AGAIN. Despite problems with mine I still love it...
  6. Africa Twin
    Made it first. This is where I am going to continue to bore you all sh**less harping on about my XTX750-W. With only 23000 miles on the clock. Due to a noise from the gear box I have had to resort to a major stripdown. :( Well the crankcase is back together. with the right bits inside :?:
1-6 of 6 Results