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  1. XR400 striped parts

    Hi. First I would like to say sorry to the Admin for not at the moment being subscribed to this forum . I leave the UK on the 7th May to spend a year or so touring on my Bike . I am selling my XR400 and removed some parts that I thought some XR owners on here would be interested in. so if...
  2. The project

    well here she is as she looks now, ready to be striped, sparyed and genrally played with, not going back to original but a few new parts are going on :) more photos etc as we get further down the line!!! Back wheel is wheel coreded so a new one is on order, exhaust down pipes also sufferd so...
  3. head bearing change

    New boy,well old boy,but new to forum, Been watching for a while now and seen some good problem solving. Can anyone help me with my problem. Got the front end striped down,got a drift and been braying seven bells out of the inner lower race . Something solid in there and i was knocking lumps off...
  4. XT600E Rebuild

    Just thought I would post a few pics of the XT we have pulled out of the shed to get road worthy again! Its paul bike which he rode back from Australia from. We striped her down to see what needs to be replaced and gave her a good clean. Main sticking point at the moment is the lack of keys!
  5. push/ pull cables

    Other Honda
    While i was out with my dad today on his cb400n his throtle cable snaped so the bike ground to a holt .Ive just striped the cable off amd about to order a new one !! would that be push or pull . as the throtle has gone slack so you carnt rev the bike i hope ive made my self clear.cheers
  6. Painting and powdercoating costs

    Africa Twin
    Over the last couple of days iv been giving the bike a good clean and striped the bars back and painted them, its only taken 4 years to do. Original gold colour looking rusty and old. Sanded down for priming And all nice and black, and also did the Dash So having done...
  7. XR600 Bottom end rattle ?

    My 1998 xr600 has a bottom end rattle ? it sounds like the tappets need setting but from the bottom ? has anyone ever come across this before ? we have the engine striped now and can only fine some bearing wear . Also on the earlyer xr the balancer had a back lash eliminator but it was dropped...
  8. reflective tape

    Where can I get some of that reflective tape, the yellow and red, striped at an angle stuff? I have looked online, but can't find any.
  9. advice wanted on 1988 xr250r-j

    hi first post on this site. ive just brought this xr250 knowing it needed work. ive been told its had lots of work done, new crank, oil pump gears, clutch, but the problem is it smokes a lot,i have striped the head and barrel and have found the center cam journal badly worn oil starvation at...
  10. Charity Auction H4H

    The Longest Day
    The auctioneer dons his favourite pinstriped suit, Oxford brogues, white shirt complete with horrendous looking tie. He kisses his wife good-bye and walks out of the door. With eager steps he makes his way to planet XRVs auction hall. He takes the old & rusty key out off his pocket, unlocking...
  11. Throttle cables...

    Africa Twin
    My throttle was extremely stiff and sticks open, I've striped it, oiled the cables and sanded/greased the bar.. its now a lot better but still sticks open.. if I remove the throttle return cable it works perfectly and snaps back quickly, yet the return cable doesnt appear to be seized as I can...
  12. xl600rmg decals

    hi can anyone please help me with the part numbers for the tank and air scoop decals for a 86 xl600rmg .or has anyone got any spare decals left over they would like to sell .oh by the way its the red and blue striped decals regards skippy
  13. XRV members famous in MSL

    Just got this months copy of Motorcycle Sport and Leisure through the door, page 103 a dodgy looking guy on a Zebra striped Africa Twin (Mr Whealie no less) :D and on the following page what looks like our suds750. The pictures are in a feature on the Adventure Day at the Ace last month.
  14. Wiring Bodge

    Bodgers Corner
    I had a wire break on the plug for the rear light of my TA. Any of you with the 650 will know it has a plug into the bulb holder. So I bought a new bulb holder from David Silvers and cut all the plastic from around the pins. I then soldered wires onto the pins, the only colour I could not get...
  15. Rear sprocket 47T versus 48T

    Quick question, I'm in the middle of changing my rear sprocket and the plonkers have sent me a 47T sprocket instead of the specified 48T. :mad: Can I use it and if I do what will be the impact, less fuel efficiency as the engine has to rev higher to maintain the speed? :rolleyes: Already taken...
  16. Choke now sorted

    Africa Twin
    Managed to get away from work early today, so seeing as the weather was good, got the bike out to finish off replacing the choke plungers. Striped it down again, replaced the plungers and springs and then screwed in the covers i took from the front brake calipers. Whilst I had the tank off...
  17. tad crazy and need help

    hey! well i had a Varadero now just the mk1 engine 125cc carbs! i wanted to put it on a go kart and after loseing the keys after the crash i have had to mod the wireing a tad! i have striped it right back just to the voltage regulator fuse box and where the power goes to the batt! i have 3...
  18. Word of warning - Non honda front sprockets

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I was talking to Tyrone from Honda Chiswick a few weeks ago and he spotted that I had an AFAM chain and sprocket set. He asked my if my front sprocket was also AFAM and I said yes. He said the rear and chain are fine but non Honda fronts are not 100% perfect fits and will cause...
  19. My new toy!

    What have i gone and done !!!!! i have just bought this very mint and trick Honda SP1 from a very good property developer mate of mine, he bought it brand new in 2000 when they first came out. then in the winter of 2000 he sent it off to Carbontek and they fitted a full HRC race kit cams...
  20. A new bike?

    After having my @ stolen, striped then chased around east london by the police, my insurance company has decided to wright my bike off, and wont let me buy her back. So, I need a new bike. Do I stay with the twin, or try something different. I really loved the @ but wanted to know if anyone...