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  1. black/dark @ with zebra looking stripes on the tank

    seen this today near bottanybay (chorley ish) just wondered if it was anyone on here
  2. Tacho problem

    Africa Twin
    Hey all, I have found fault with my tachometer, 2 components are burned, one is easy to change and have an extra, the other is something of a problem because it is burned, and when it does change the colors on the so you can not see what it really should be, one can not match up to it because...
  3. new stripes

    Africa Twin
    Had a fettling and tidying session today. Remembered some stickers Stormforce had made up for me as a surprise so cleaned a little bit of the zebra and stuck them on. :D:D:D Thanks Jonathan With the place tidy and new shelves erected, I reckon there's room for a little greenlaner in there...