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  1. Barney bodget pannier brackets part deux

    This might not interest anyone, except those with some spare Nonfango panniers. It might not interest them either, but hey! :D Just received my newly ordered Givi pannier brackets for my new to me 700. as I had the nonfango panniers, the made up brackets as well and these were last fitted to my...
  2. 700 Rear Ssuspension

    Have a newly acquired 2008 700. Does anyone know the factory settings for damping and preload on a std shock? Its fine over big bumps (like speed humps) but a small, frequent sequence (like when the tarmac gets ripples in it - or rumble strips) feels like there's no suspension at all. I'm...
  3. Replacement indicators - Tip

    Hi Guys, I thought I'd just share a tip. Something I came up with today which has worked really well. I was looking for some new indicators for my 650. I wanted something the same size. Very hard to get it seems. I can of course order originals at £20 a peice. I've broken mine off _so_ many...
  4. HandProtector lights.

    Bodgers Corner
    Finally fitted some led's on the Barkbusters. Far from perfect but a cheap solution for winter commutes. Bought a pair of led strips off fleabay for a tenner. Soldered the wires together and connected to a Din plug that was going unused on an old Din-Cig adapter cable. Have to plug them in...
  5. luggage on the Vara 2007

    Question 1: I have been doing 6000km so far this year on my Vara. For long haul single travel i use the givi E21 panniers and the original top box and tie down a bag or two on the back. i always bring too much tools and gear ... Anyway, I am a bit surprised there is no good tiedown points on the...
  6. Where to get aluminium for pannier build?

    Bodgers Corner
    Anyone on here that's built their own panniers know the best and cheapest place (not always the same) to get the aluminium? Who's done a set? Did you fold corners or just use angled strips? thanks in advance, I fancy tackling this!
  7. For Sale: Cheap Top Box Bristol area

    For Sale / Wanted
    A few weeks back I brought a cheap (£10) top box from a guy in Bristol (Whitchurch) Notice he is advertising them again Used Top Box, New large plastic topbox, chinese made, very in Bristol. Second Hand Cars TT228FD0D the link has an odd title but it is Trade-it. I have no connection with the...
  8. Thailand: Mae Sot & Mae Sariang - good roads, bad roads!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was originally written for Thailand's motorcycle forums: apologies for assuming you may know the areas and roads...... some of you might though! Open link for pics folks: Mae Sot & Mae Sariang - good roads & bad roads ********************* So, less than 1 week to go and I’m back...
  9. Thailand: Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Province.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was originally written for Thailand's motorcycle forums: apologies for assuming you may know the areas and roads...... some of you might though! Open link for pics folks:! Just...
  10. RD7A Running Temp Update

    Africa Twin
    Ok well the temp gauge from RR is on the bike , ive been running the temp strips for a couple of weeks now. The strips read from 60 to 90 degree's and there is one at the top and at the bottom or each radiator. Looking at the top strips while cruising around 60 -70 mph there reading...
  11. Suggested tires for FMX650

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings everyone. As per the title, i've been thinking of replacing my tires for a while now. Since it's summer the grip is good enough, plus i don't ride very fast or aggressively anyway. However, now that i got used to the bike, when i test my brakes on an empty piece of road and try to push...
  12. TA700 GIVI rack

    Hi, taken the plunge and purchased a GIVI Tech55 box with matching backrest. My problem is the GIVI rack, that mounts directly to the Transalp. I have purchased the specific rack, but am unsure how this attaches. Do you just pull/force off the original rubber/plastic strips on the tailpiece, or...
  13. Spot light mounts

    Bodgers Corner
    I got myself some spot lights to put on my transalp and help out the useless headlight a bit. But what with using the bike constantly and trying to figure out how to actually fit them, the lights themselves sat around for over a year before I found the simple solution. I was out on a site when...
  14. Odd chicken strips.... Not crispy

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Ok before you flame me I am still a newbie... Be gentle with me! Great ride back home from work today, birds twittering and sun out and a tropical 11 degree, plus I finished early - so I took the LONG way home. Plenty of great twists n turns, so I made good progress! When I got home I noticed...
  15. Last of the chicken strips!

    Everything Orange - KTM
    At long last I've managed to lose the few I had left two days ago! :D Didn't really consider this worthy of the ride reports as I didn't take many pictures of the trip. Hope you guys don't mind. Lent my AT to my best mate who just sailed single handed from Singapore, past the pirates of the...
  16. Centrestands / Chicken Strips

    Africa Twin
    Anyone fitted a 'Wemoto' centrestand? Thinking about ordering but they don't look very substantial :confused: - my old Fazer 1000s stand seemed much beefier. Any comments gratefully digested. Also, while I've never been a slave to chicken strips, my front Tourance is almost to the edge, while...