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  1. Quick post looking for Reg/Rec Links. The best of the best.

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, So I i'm under strong suspicion that my Reg/Rec is failing/failed. Make long story short I am looking for top of the line high quality Reg/Recs for my RD07. Any suggestions welcome. Aidan.
  2. X700 Coolant Level

    How on earth are you meant to check the coolant level in the reserve tank? I can see the upper and lower level marks on the outside but even with shining a strong torch through the tank from behind then I still can't see the level of the coolant inside. You can't even look down through the...
  3. Wanted: Anyone have a spare front calliper for an RD07?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello! I'm hoping someone can be my saviour... I'm in need of a replacement left front calliper for an RD07. After a somewhat long and stressful fiasco removing the calliper pin, the thread in the calliper is partially damaged. The pin tightens up but I don't trust how strong the thread is...
  4. For Sale: Transalp xl650 pannier frames

    For Sale / Wanted
    These are genuine honda xl650 pannier frames to take honda boxes.They are very strong and well made,a lot stronger than givi. you may need some nuts and bolts but they are complete.£50 thanks tuggy
  5. high miles

    Transalp Technical Specs
    can I ask what is considered high mileage on a transalp? does anyone have. a high mileage model thats still going strong(friend who taught DAS had 650 deuville 92k before needed engine change)
  6. New Crash Bars fitted

    After a lot of huffing and puffing I eventually got the HEAVYDUTY Crash Bars for my 700. Extremely strong bit of kit and good communication with them too. Recommended !
  7. Trail riders lost!!!

    Watch what happens next!!! :toothy10: Warning strong language. ;) - Farmer goes Mental on a couple of lost Dirt Bikers
  8. Best glue for grips

    Africa Twin
    I managed to break the glue seal on my heated grips and need to reglue the throttle grip. Will super glue do? Is it strong enough these days? i remember when coming within 10 yards of a tube and your fingers were glued together but that was thirty years ago. If not what is the best glue I can...
  9. Parrot with Tourettes

    WARNING: VERY strong language. Adults only! :teeth:
  10. Wanted: 1998 XR400 Kick Start Lever

    For Sale / Wanted
    Well, the curse of the Strong Right Leg has happened again and I've snapped my kick start. Does anyone have one to sell, or does anyone know of anyone else, breakers, etc., who might have. I've been on eBay and there's only one from the USA available, and ideally, I'd like to get sooner, as...
  11. For Sale: Xr400r swing arm decals and stock rear spring

    For Sale / Wanted
  12. Sold: Aluminium Panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Been looking around to get some idea what price these go for, these were on my 2002 Africa Twin, guessing they'll fit other years as well ? £60, includes solid and strong rails for both sides. Be best if collected,
  13. transalp 600 hardtail chopper anyone ????

    Honda XL600 Transalp Chopper. | eBay looks not too bad as choppers go its grand nice lines and all apart from the pipes sort them and it would be grand . moneys a bit strong though I think .
  14. Seduced

    Oh God............ it's too strong.... Inspiring flicbits - It surrounds us. It penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together. - YouTube Tick...
  15. Spring ?

    Ok all in scotty land ,time yet again to batten down the hatches , get those knobbles on cos it's gonna snow again. Up to a foot of snow predicted and strong winds equals big drifts . Hope someone up there takes pics of their snowy treks. Be careful out there.
  16. Crazy idea-XR600 with XR350 tranny?

    I have the opportunity to buy an '85 XR600 for cheap, but the transmission is out. I have an '84 or '85 XR350 that i use as a parts bike, the transmission is strong. Could I throw the 350 tranny in the 600?
  17. Varadero centre stand

    I'd like to put a centre stand on the vara, but I've just been quoted £171 +VAT !!! for one. That's £205, so i'm thinking perhaps an SW-motech one - it's only (!) £154 ! Has anyone any experience with them? They don't look as strong as the genuine one - but are they strong enough? Any problems...
  18. hi all new here on domi but rough running

    Dominator / FMX
    hi as i touched on its running rough, in every gear it pulls then lets off then pulls strong again like rapidly twisting the throtle and letting go this happens above 3.5 k rpm what can it be does it have a fuel pump? sorry just bought it and i dont know theese bikes well. i would like to change...
  19. Hi everyone!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Long time lurker here, created a forums account but only decided to say hello today (just noticed i haven´t done it yet, shame on me :oops:). Hope to share some knowedge and at the same time learn some my self :thumb: 1993 RD07, 78.000km (plus change), still going strong and showing no signs...
  20. Transalp Sales Pitch - It's true!

    I'm seriously looking to sell my Transalp so was looking around for adverts and prices. Came across this sales pitch - A bit strong, but I can only agree.... used Honda Xl 650 V Transalp motorcycles for sale - Used Motorbikes - Bike543