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  1. Invitation to my open 'studios' event Herefordshire

    Yes it is that time of year again. My annual Hereford Art week thing, most of the county's arty types are doing the open studios thing, I prefer the phrase Open Shed. Anyways, it starts on September7th and runs through to the 15th here is a link to the official site with directions etc Sculpture...
  2. Am I alone..

    In being really pissed off about the Olympics? All we see on the telly and radio is Olympic that and Olympic that. Real news seems to be relegated to the last few minutes of the bulletins where traditionally the cat stuck up tree stories reside. As for the cost. So far, depending who you...
  3. Journalists really boil my p!ss with these stories.

    Chatter a quote from the article `She wore a figure-hugging tight blue top with black leggings and trainers. And she looked effortlessly cool with her dark locks scraped...
  4. Massively squeaking TCX Boots

    I bought a reasonably, for me, expensive pair of boots, they're comfortable, waterproof, goretex etc. But, the noise! They seem to have some fancy torsion worsion lorsion borsion thingymajigs that slide as you lean forward and back; I assume the squeaking comes from here. I've contacted Ealing...
  5. For Sale: Aleisis 12 channel music mixer for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Alesis Multimix 12 firewire price £170 ono Plus P&P Ideal for home recording/ XMAS It has recently developed a minor fault on the first mic input channel and that channel no longer outputs to the computer via the firewire ( but you have 11 others!) when last tested all other...
  6. Cool day out with my new

    Stopover at the 007 stage at Pinewood studios on my way home from Scotalnd to collect my new toy. Iv'e just put up my ride report from my trip to Edinburgh to collect my new bike. Its in the thread Berwickshire to Brighton.
  7. Satnav £49.95 delivered

    Discounts / Deals
    I just bought one of these from I didn't expect much for £49.95 delivered but it came within 3 days and worked straight out the box with no problems. I've used it in my clear map section of my tank bag and hooked up some headphones to it. It took me from Brighton to North London...
  8. Invitation to the 16. International Transalp Treffen 2008

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Transalp Riders! In name of the Transalp Club Hellas I would like to invite you all to the 16. International Transalp Treffen 2008 in Parga, Greece, held from May 1. to May 4. 2008. Info: Here is the invitation I received from Kostas and which I would like to share...