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    Hi, guys! If somebody don't need anymore his center stand, i would love to buy it :) Also looking for rear right footres bracket. Would like to find out information about internet resource where to search used parts for Africa Twin xrv 750 RD07 year 1995, so, if you know some, let me know to...
  2. Chatter
    My 17 yr old son is heading off to technical college next week to go and study for 4 years to be a bike mechanic. I have already bought him his first bike for when he takes his test in July when he turns 18...DT125 YPVS He has told me that he is allowed to take a project bike into school to work...
  3. Africa Twin
    Really made myself look a plonker today (yea, more than usual). Talking to a friend and he was saying about the RD01, RD02, and I thought to myself, "Hang on", RD03 was the first version and said so. "I have an RD01 he says, its a shaft drive. The RD02 was the Dominator". "Never realised this...
  4. Chatter
    I'm sure we have all thought that as a motorcycling then you are also a better driver too. Well, a study from an insurance underwriting firm, Equity Red Star, has suggested that people who ride motorcycle's are 23% less likely to have a claim in a car than those who don't own a motorcycle...
  5. Chatter
    No mention of zebras:D Cheetahs 'more powerful than a motorbike' | World news |
  6. Africa Twin
    I'l be going to Alaska from Colorado this summer, with the possibility of traversing over to Prince Edward Island and then back. My AT is a 2001 (40k kms) basically stock, except Venom pipe, Ricky bars and Bagster seat. I've never done a trip this long before and am wondering what I might need...
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1-8 of 12 Results