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  1. Wanted: XRV 2001 Rear wheel wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    My rear wheel rim looks like the alloy is lifting between some spokes in two places. Think it might be stuffed !! So I need a rear wheel, or as I have posted on the wheels + tyres forum, does a Transalp rear wheel fit ?
  2. Cdi gone methinks....

    Africa Twin
    Got up early this morning, started her up no trouble got 100yds up the road and Rev counter stopped and she dropped onto 1cyl, turned back and it cut out altogether :( not looked at it yet but I reckon that means the cdi is stuffed. Thoughts?
  3. Output shaft splines stuffed?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have just taken off the front sprocket (non-genuine by the looks), and I fear I have a worn output shaft. Here are a couple of photos, can someone who has experience with these tell me if I am right? I haven't another to compare it to... If it is what I fear, I gather I need to...
  4. Buggered rim!

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I stuffed my Vara's front wheel into a pothole last weekend on Austins Adventure in Galloway. :( It now needs a biggish ding taking out of the rim and then having a replacement tyre fitted. Any recommendations for the wheel job please, preferably in the West Midlands so I can drop it off??
  5. I'm stuffed now....

    well nearly.:D Still space for a dessert:D:D and than i will not get up from the couch again:D:D ever again:D