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  1. Would these footpegs fit an A/T?

    Africa Twin
    I've been looking for some wider footpegs for my A/T and stumbled across these, FootPegs Foot Pegs Honda CR 80 XR 250 350 400 600 650 | eBay, do you reckon those will fit an A/T?
  2. TA 700 shares footpegs with?

    Hey guys, Been looking for a way to lower my footpegs on the TA 700, searched all over for a while and have stumbled on a few good choices. But what I'm really wondering is, which other models does the TA 700 share footpegs with? It could really widen the ebay search to know which, if any...
  3. Important warning

    Stumbled across this over on ABR. Have a read about corbins experience with aerosol sprays of any kind. Scary
  4. Bling F800GS SM

    I was looking for some decent and not over expensive alu panniers when I stumbled upon this... But I guess I will be better of with sticking to my plan of getting alu panniers! ;)
  5. For anyone interested in touring in Germany

    Just stumbled across this. Sounds real good and can be done in "bits" as the whole thing is around9000km (5000odd miles i guess) long German Motorbike Route The original German Motorbike Route The latest that Germany has to offer motorbike riders is a circuit measuring just under 9,000 km that...
  6. 1994 Dominator for a newbie

    Dominator / FMX was planning on getting a transalp but the cash was not there at the time. I have just stumbled onto this bike and was wondering any advice on buying and what are the main...
  7. Interesting Bike Travel Blog

    Just stumbled across this while passing time before leaving work :rolleyes:, first impressions it looks really interesting, bike journey travelling south from Alaska to the southern tip of south America...I think......I haven't read too much yet. apologies if this has been posted before...
  8. BMW800gs watch out!!!

    Got no idea how true this is but i stumbled across it on the German @ site i got this off: "KTM has decided to fight of the highly anticipated BMW 800GS by launching a pre-emptive strike with their...
  9. Just have a look at this

    Been talking to my fellow country man again and stumbled across this and you say Germans don't have a sense of humor??????? Looks like a lot of fun to me:D:D:D:D:D
  10. Noobie

    I have been looking for a dual purpose bike and truly stumbled across a 1987 Transalp. I am mechanically inclined but i don't know much about these bikes. Until the other day i didn't know they existed. I am in Ontario Canada. I am wondering about reliability and parts and what not with the...
  11. New New Seat

    Africa Twin
    Well you all know that I have been mighty UNIMPRESSED with my CM seat.. and I called around to see what a NEW NEW one would cost me.. any way you cut it it was gunna be too pricy! And one day at work I stumbled across an gell pad that turned to be one of these...
  12. question of interest

    I know there has been a fair bit of interest in the stickers so this weekend when i was wondering around aimlessly and stumbled across this guy (literally tripped and fell against his workshop door) I said hmmmm I wonder.:confused::rolleyes::confused...
  13. new to this site, a few xr questions

    hi every one, i stumbled across this forum whilst trying to hunt down a set of rear foot-pegs for my 1988 xr600, i used to have a 98 600r that was kindly stolen from me by some to<?%r, now this bike i had managed to find a rear rack and a set of rear pegs for, but i cant locate the guy i got...
  14. wallpapers

    stumbled across this,any good to anyone or old news to everyone?
  15. Just popping out dear

    Oh that was at 130pm this afternoon and he has just stumbled in with mud all over his leathers and boots, stones and mud all over Bolts and a huge dent in the tank Apparently took a little detour with our mate Jon, up the Sarn Helen roman road. The BMW's it would appear were just a bit too...
  16. RU Mechanically Incompetent in Cambridgeshire?

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    OK this might not help anyone, but.... In St.Ives, (there's a man with Seven Wives!), no not that St.Ives, the one in Cambridgeshire, I've stumbled upon a Gem of Little Motorcycle Workshop/Shop ... (OK I know most of you do your 'Stuff' but for the mechanically inept or just plane lazy here...
  17. Another big weekend...

    ...adding another 600+ miles to the beast. What a machine, I love it! :cool: Long Motorway blat up to Ashby on Friday night, then straight out on the lash. Up Saturday morning feeling extremely healthy, some medicinal coffee and bacon sangers then off up the twisties to The Cat & Fiddle between...
  18. 5 year honda warranty ????

    I was just browsing the web and stumbled across this. Apparenty honda sweden give a 5 year warranty and not the 2 we get. I couldnt substantiate this as I dont read swedish, but if its correct id be trying to get a 5yr warranty out of honda on a new bike.... Paul
  19. Trumph Tigger 900

    Other Bikes
    Been hunting around to find a new big trailie/adventure bike that would make a nice rebuild project and stumbled across a an early tigger in a salvage yard thats an easy repair. Uptil now i discounted a tigger thinking it was going to be too expensive but this bike is on the same lines as a...
  20. My new toy

    Maverick and I and a couple of friends from school/university are planning a trip through Kaokoland in September/October next year. I thought about shipping the AT but it does work out quite expensive as I don't want to leave it there. So, I stumbled across this nice Kawasaki KLR650 for really...