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  1. Sold: RD03 Africa Twin XRV 650 (will deliver)

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  2. Looking for good sturdy rear shocks

    For my 185s.. rear shocks second hand or new,,, but must be good.
  3. For Sale: For sale Honda Africa Twin RD07A 2001 69908 km on odo London

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Sold Honda Africa Twin RD07A 2001 69908 km on odo London For sale Honda Africa Twin RD07A 2001 69908 km on odo London Due to moving overseas have to sale my motorbike Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 RD07A 2001 with only 69908 km on odometer. I'm the owner and the registered keeper of the bike...
  4. Roncar accessories

    Product Reviews
    Came across this via youtube. Looks very interesting stuff and also looks like sturdy set of crashbars. They are R$1064 which works out today at £341.45 A bit expensive, but loadsa protection ! Always worth a look! Les
  5. WITEC

    It would be fun to find a cheap R1100 and convert it into a real sturdy carb feed Wüstenschiff. WITEC have some nice examples. They also made a gravel road special on the basis of an R1100R
  6. Hepco luggage on Trax Evo Racks.

    Africa Twin
    I got some Trax racks because the hepco ones were like double the price here locally. Its all fine and dandy because the Trax racks have a kit to mount the HB luggage. It seems my luggage locks (to the frame) has been replaced with padlock type locks and things are a little different to the...
  7. OOGOO - DIY Grommets and other rubbery stuff

    Bodgers Corner
    I needed some new grommets for my bash plate, and while another member here kindly sent me some along with a sprocket cover I bought from him I managed to destroy them by spraying them with stuff to try to soften up the rubber a bit (they were on their way out anyway). Undeterred and still...
  8. BMW R65GS on auction in Denmark

    Just a tip, there is an R65GS ex Danish Army on sale here: BMW 247 E 645 cc offroad motorcykel. til salg. P Retrade kan du kbe brugt udstyr, maskiner, kretjer og andet overskudsmateriel online. Lgg dit bud n! Something for our Danish Forum members looking for a cheap sturdy Airhead GS? There...
  9. For Sale: Transalp 700 parts for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    No pics yet but you can google them if you don't know what they are. Standard Screen. Excellent condition. £25. Touratech Tank bag. Again excellent condition. The fixings have been on my TA 650 for about 1 year but the bag has been used just 2 or 3 times. Includes removable map case and...
  10. LED lights

    I have no experience of these lights, but they look sturdy enough to be fitted on a bike. In German only, but there are pictures (of LED lamps). //Kjell
  11. no garage or shed ? maybe one of these might be of interest for weather protection

    I recently saw some amazing outdoor shelters at my local trago mills ( nr exeter ) and thought blimey ..if I ever don't have a garage or shed I'll get one of these Shed-in-a-Box 8' x 8' x 8':Shelter Logic they're amazingly sturdy look fairly durable and in my opinion inexpensive... 6x6x6 £79/...
  12. Sold: Cheap Laptop

    For Sale / Wanted
    Up for grabs, a cheap, tidy, functional laptop. It's no rocket ship, so don't expect to play silly shoot-em-up games, but if you just want a laptop for surfing the net, email, playing DVD's or burning CD's, this could be right up your street. Absolutely no damage, the screen is bright clear...
  13. Deal on a LUMIX DMC-FT2

    Discounts / Deals
    Hi All, I had been in the market for a new compact for a while: my new requirements had been sturdy, adequate zoom, but with a wide angle. Enter the Panasonic DMC-FT2 with a 28mm wide angle Leica lens, just under 5x optical zoom, waterproof to 3m, dust and shock proof and good to -10 celsius...
  14. For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 tent & free tarp

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Coleman Phad X2 Tent, 2 man. I bought this New for the Triumph live gig in September this year. It has only been used the once there and is in like new condition apart from a couple of bent pegs. It was full aired before being packed away. I am including a brand new (not used) Vango...
  15. For Sale: Tool Tubes waterproof 'MONSTER SIZE !'

    For Sale / Wanted
    On my travels with work, ive purchased some industrial/military heavy duty storage tubes. These have been used and have some scuff/scratch marks, but have been cleaned and look fine. They are waterproof - i have tested them all and all ok. They have a screw on lid with an internal sealing...
  16. Question for RD04 Hepco Becker owners (Whealie?)

    Africa Twin
    The hepco becker luggage rack I ordered a couple of weeks ago for my RD04 turned up today. I notice on one of the tubular arms that runs down to the foot peg hanger, it looks like they've either run short of pipe and used another bit that's tacked onto the end before it's been powdercoated, or...
  17. Barney bodget pannier brackets

    My Trannie came with E21 Givi panniers; very light, very pretty, but too small for effective travelling. Being short of money to be able to purchase Touratech and having a loft with more than a few panniers, here's my mod; works a treat. B and C were moved to D and E. When I have some funds, or...
  18. Honda Dominator Nx650 Centre stands

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys and Gals Ever had a puncture or been on a sloping road/ferry with a side stand?Yes! Well I've a centre stand on my Dommie and a local engineering firm in Lincoln will make them for me, also a very sturdy pair of panniers and crash bars too! If wanting more details then drop me a line at...
  19. New Tent - North Ridge Torre XL

    On Friday in preparation for the coming years camp outs and in the interest of losing some weight from my luggage I went looking for a new tent at Go Outdoors. My current Vango Beta 450 has served me well for two years worth of xrv style camping and is going to remain my backup but at 7.5kg like...
  20. Look mommy, look what I've made!!!

    Bodgers Corner
    Knowing how fragile and "always moving" the rear Africa Twin rack is, I started with a CB250 aftermarket rack to create something sturdy and "adventurous" looking. Again cutting, welding, grinding, and welding and cutting.... All it needs now is a bit of powder coating