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  1. For Sale: For Sale: XRV750 RD07 Healight, headlight subframe, givi lights

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Selling Africa twin XRV750 RD07 parts: Euro headlight 50EUR headlight RD07 subframe 80 EUR Givi trekker s310 used halogen light 60 EUR + shipping world wide
  2. Wanted: Honda XL600V Transalp 1999 front subframe for cowl/speedo/headlamp

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi , I'm looking for a straight front sub-frame as mine got bent in a fall. It's like the one in the picture. Would you have one in straight condition? If so, please PM me. Cheers Pete
  3. 2005 crf450x twin exhaust

    CRF - New Forum!
    just wondering if any one out there has tried put put a twin pipe of a 2013 450 on a 2005 . if so what mods needed , my thinking is that i would need to make a mounting point on the rear subframe for the can and a new panel to clear the can. any help please , and does it give any more power ?
  4. Hi everybody

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Yet another bike forum on my list, well I have gone and done it, I have been mulling over it for a while should I shouldn't I get a dommie, so here I am looking and watching what all you guys are getting up to with your spanners, hammers, and welders etc etc, so as far as my own dommie is...
  5. Tinworm

    Dominator / FMX
    You know that moment when you poke something with a screwdriver and immediately wish you hadn’t... I found a bit of flaky paint around where the seat and silencer bolt to the subframe, off side. One poke with a screwdriver later, I had a hole. After a friend attacked the affected area with a...
  6. Rear subframe corrosion

    Dominator / FMX
    The first thing to say is that my Dommie is very much a winter hack, ridden in all weathers, rarely cleaned, not a concours show bike by any stretch... so it’s not a massive surprise to see some corrosion on an 18 year old bike. Question is: what to do about it! The pic attached shows a hole in...
  7. Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    So here's my build to throw into the pot. Are there any original dominators left?! :p Wanted to go down the scrambler route rather than the street tracker look, as wanted it to be able to cope with some off roading. Have therefore made up a tray in the subframe which will house most of the...
  8. Attempting to make a 20mm box bender.

    Mechanical Advice
    Building a 20mm box bender. Hi guys, I am in the process of building a flat tracker from a Varadero frame. I'll post a thread up when I get a chance, but here's a picture of the project. At the moment though I need some 20mm box section bending so I can fabricate a rear subframe. Here are...
  9. RD03 - Rear subframe in need of TLC

    Africa Twin
    I'm getting some pannier frames powder coated for my new CRF1000L so thought I'd give the RD03 back end a limited refurb. Main aim it to stop the rot of the rear subframe. Couple of non-standard plates on the rear rack for the GIVI top box and exhaust bracket need removal/replacement.
  10. Refitting Engine

    Dominator / FMX
    Need to temporary refit the engine back into the frame of my Dommie, so i can finish off custom subframe and exhaust mounts etc. ;Anybody got any tips on the easiest way of doing this ;I better eat some Wheatabix because i found it heavy to lift out
  11. "Crash bars" and the all in one frame.

    Africa Twin
    For the CRF1000L Africa Twin, I have been reading that damage to the frame may entail complete frame replacement, as there is no rear subframe. In addition, I get the impression that the Honda oem accessory bars, are just that, and not implied by Honda to be crash protection. If this is the...
  12. Dominator Scrambler Seat

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking for a seat for my Dominator Steet Scrambler. All the seats i can find on evilbay seem to be approx 250mm wide and the subframe on my dominator is 200mm wide. has anyone used one of these??
  13. Exhaust bracket advice required

    Africa Twin
    Hi I've just acquired this exhaust for my RD07a and noticed that the bracket is different from the one currently on the bike. On the new one the rear bracket is much longer, I'm guessing to fit directly to the rear subframe. The original one looked like this below (not mine - web image)...
  14. Lee's RD07s resto reassembly

    Africa Twin
    I will not post complete sets of pictures of before and after. we all know what a sad RD07 looks like. Instead, I will post a few pictures of sub-assemblies put back together after every single component has been either powder coated or plated. The longest and toughest job is preparation. When...
  15. For Sale: RD07A Headlight Front Subframe

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just had this subframe professionally sandblasted and powdercoated in gloss black. Came up well - probably better than new as Factory finish is terrible. All rubber bushings present and undamaged. Came off a 2001 RD07A - guaranteed straight. My understanding is that this part only fits this...
  16. XL125V rally, A1 11 kW

    Hello, I want to build a rally bike. It shud look something like crf 450 rally or africa twin with hrc colors. I would like a 2 stroke bike, but I'm not allowed to drive more than 11 kW until I'm 18. At first i'm trying to find a good varadero and change the subframe and seat from a motocross...
  17. RD07 Headlight Cowl Holder in German

    Hi folks, Any good german speakers.. german members, austrian members, swiss members... how do I search for a Headlight Cowl Holder in German ebay (the subframe that holds the headlight assembly) ?? There are about a million xrv 750 parts so would like to filter if possible :) Many thanks in...
  18. Wanted: RD07 Headlight Cowl Holder

    For Sale / Wanted
    If anyone is breaking a bike or has a spare I could really do with one. as mine is unstraightenable and the poor bike is a bit bong eyed and will probably only be allowed a day time mot, when the time comes. Its the mini subframe that attaches to the main frame and holds the headlight and the...
  19. Body xr 400

    Looking for subframe and seat and rear plastic for updating my xrv 750 to a mutant enduro :-)
  20. Wanted: XR650R Rear metal under-mudguard subframe and numberplate plastics

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Looking for XR650R Rear metal under-mudguard subframe and numberplate plastics including the rear light cluster - as I wanted to put my bike back to standard. Sorry Jimbo using you pic :) Its the bits hanging down and resting on the back wheel in the pic below: Also looking for...