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  1. Dommie seat

    Dominator / FMX
    The covering on my original Dommie seat has finally given up. It has a split which is letting rainwater in to wet the foam. If any of you customisers or flat trackerers or cafe racerers has an original RD08 seat going spare, please let me know here. Even if it's not in the best of nick, it...
  2. Foot in mouth

    Africa Twin
    Really made myself look a plonker today (yea, more than usual). Talking to a friend and he was saying about the RD01, RD02, and I thought to myself, "Hang on", RD03 was the first version and said so. "I have an RD01 he says, its a shaft drive. The RD02 was the Dominator". "Never realised this...
  3. Am I a slacker? (chain slack)

    Africa Twin
    heya, I posted this on ADV as well but I wanted to access more thoughts on the subject. The video shows the chain slack on my bike - I don't know how old it is but the chain tensioner is at minimum so I assume it's reasonably new. Thoughts?
  4. Honda models with same motor as AT?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Does anyone know which Honda models use same engine as AT(XRV650)? I have a -89 XRV650 and I`, considering buying a "new" used engine for it... I found a 2002, Honda nt 650 v Deauville that someone is selling as spare parts. Friend of mine says that the engine should be about the same as...
  5. XL fork question...

    Hi all, I am building a special and have picked up what I believe to be some XL600 forks (gold sliders if that makes any difference) The thread in the fork leg is a metric fine M12x1.25 and I'm after a spindle to suit. The ones I've seen for sale seem to be M14x1.5 thread. Can anybody shed any...
  6. A first-timer with a little bit of help needed please

    Hi all, I am building a special and have picked up what I believe to be some XL600 forks (gold sliders if that makes any difference) The thread in the fork leg is a metric fine M12x1.25 and I'm after a spindle to suit. The ones I've seen for sale seem to be M14x1.5 thread. Can anybody shed any...
  7. Cleaning AT wheels - eblow grease + ?

    Africa Twin
    As per subject line is there anything worth knowing when it comes to tarting up the wheels? Can I, for example, just take a brillo pad to them? Or wire wool? Or a toothbrush? Any do's and don'ts when it comes to chemicals? I've see some guys using brick cleaner, others use branded products...
  8. Valve clearance

    Hi I am about to approach the subject of valve clearances on my alp....I have the honda manual. Is there any advice you can offer? The bike runs perfect but are there any symptoms which would indicate valve clearance work being needed? R. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. A half decent horn

    Afternoon All, I know this is a well discussed subject at times but I'm starting a light rebuild on my 'alp and need a horn (as the current unit squeaks) I know the stebel nautilus has been a go to for years but has anyone any other recommendations? Also where to buy a stebel nautilus now...
  10. Star Bikers Toy run December 15th

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Anyone planning on attending the toy run? Subject to getting reg doc, tax and babysitter amongst other things sorted I intend to go on my @ Stoke on Trent Charity Motorcycle Runs :: Egg run & Toy run :: Star Bikers
  11. Groupama business to transfer to Ageas

    Just got a letter from Groupama (who underwrite my Carole Nash policy) to say that their insurance business is to be transferred, subject to court approval, to Aegas. Wonder if this will now affect my renewal when it comes up? 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely...
  12. XR125 tyres sorted

    hi all i know this is the worst subject to talk about on here but i have found some tyres for the xr 125 they are the continental tkc80's CONTINENTAL TKC80 100/90/19 + 120/90/17 MOTORCYCLE TYRES | eBay i got them coming today :D if anyone is going to order them go off there website because on...
  13. Horse meat - whats the fuss all about ??

    I personally would have no issue eating horse meat - it's just another quadraped herbivore like cows, sheep, pigs, and deer all of which I already consume in vast quantities. As long as it's labeled as horse meat , subject to the same controls as other meat ie not an ex racehorse pumped full of...
  14. Should bike tests be in foreign languages?

    There is a consultation out on the subject. There is pretty much zero risk of fraud for bikes but is a driver who can't speak or read English a risk on the roads? DSA asks if tests should be in languages other than English |
  15. Happy Birthday BobA

    Subject line says it all, but I'll say it again anyway, just in case you didn't hear Happy Birthday BobA ! :occasion6::occasion4::occasion5::occasion4:
  16. Over torquing bolts

    Mechanical Advice
    While on the subject of over torquing bolts (see have a look at the brake calliper bolt I pulled out the XR400. It was only when I was refitting it and torquing it up that I noticed it felt odd. Kind of...
  17. Kids Weekend.. What dates CANNOT you make this year (2012)

    Kids Weekend
    As per subject. Please for for all the weekends that are NO GOOD for you and the one that accomodates the most wins. Preference will be given to the fewest votes but Twin Burner has the final say as he does all the donkey work. Only vote if you really plan to attend though please
  18. how many of you home servicers bother to change the fork oil ?

    Dominator / FMX
    just wondered really as I've owned a few bikes over the years but don't think I ever changed the fork oil in any of them . I change the oil in my mtb suspension forks every year but they're subject to being covered in a lot of crap/water on a regular basis.
  19. Tripmaster not working

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm new on here so if the subject has been covered before don't shoot I come in peace. The clock is working, the stopwatch is working but the distance facilities aren't. I've checked with a multimeter and I'm getting an electrical reading when the front wheel is being rotated. Anyone with...
  20. Plastic tank and ethanol petrol

    I've just put my '87 XR250 on the road after a long sorn and am wondering if I need to be concerned about the affect of modern petrol with ethanol in it on my plastic tank. I did a search on the forum on this subject but didn't find anything specifically for the plastic tank on the XR. I'm well...