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  1. subscription

    Let me get this right..... The forum is now free to try and attract new members. My subscription ran out a few weeks ago. Now I get all the advertising. So as an existing member I have to pay full dues just for someone to flick the advertisement switch off.:( Rant Over Mike
  2. Will I have to join the growing crowd...

    Of people who no longer appear on here? I ve been absent a while what with having a computer stolen and some other stuff.I already refused to subscribe this year as subscription brings no benefits. I have come back onto the site today using an Android device to find that every time I change...
  3. Wanted: RD07 Black Tank

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a replacement tank for my rd07 like this one: I posted the same question a year ago but foolishly my settings didn't notify me of any messages so I missed the boat (and wasted my subscription - doh!)...
  4. calling stormforce....

    about time you bought this forum off its current owner and got it back to its former glory and got rid of the excessive & american advertising!!!! hell, I'd even renew my subscription......
  5. Got that warm "I've renewed my subscription feeling"

    Africa Twin
    So when the wife finds out I have "wasted my money" (her words not mine) I will have all bank cards and apendages, including testicles locked away until further notice. Until then, bars open, have a drink!
  6. Subscription....

    XRV site support & help
    Dear Admins/Mods, I would like to Subscribe to the forum, however it states on one of the pages that the site runs a "continous" subscription system. IE They charge your card again once the subscription is up after a year. I don't want to be automatically billed. I've sent an email to the...
  7. subscription renewal

    XRV site support & help
    I had the e-mail telling me mine is due only problem is i don't have a paypal account and have never needed one. While await to be how to pay my renewal could we not get the forum setup so that you can pay by debit card or credit card aswell as paypal??
  8. Datatag and Smartwater

    The bike I've just bought has Datatag and Smartwater fitted. How do I register that I'm the new owner and is there a subscription to pay for? Cheers
  9. subscriptions....

    At the risk of sounding more of a miserable b*stard than I already am, I have decided not to renew my subscription. I feel that the amount of advertising and "sponsors" we now have will more than cover the running costs of the forum... That is all.....:hitler:
  10. Subscription annually?

    Hi all, just a quick query! I thought that when I paid my first subscription last year it was for life and not an annual renewal. Am I correct in thinking this and it has now changed or has the cider and hard living finally caught up with me and I am disillusioned and getting confused with...
  11. Think i'm becoming a hipocrite

    A while ago i cancelled my subscription to ride magazine as i thought it was becoming rather pants, several times since cancelling they phoned me and made me different offeres to resubscribe last week they phoned and i said no not interested. I was in Tesco this evening and thought "wonder if...
  12. Subscription renewal

    XRV site support & help
    I need to renew my subscription. I went to pay by pay pal and it offers to send the money to DaveS. Is dave still collecting subscriptions?
  13. subscription

    XRV site support & help
    Just being thick again, can't remember do you get a reminder or e-mail to let you know when subscription is due? as i think mine must be up soon
  14. Subscription

    XRV site support & help
    Hi all, My subsription has expired. Can someone point me to the right place to re-new please. Thanks Chalky
  15. subscription v deals/offers?

    XRV site support & help
    Which dealers/retail/online etc give a good deal when you have the subscription? I am going to be spending a bit soon - air filter, head bearings, brake pads and a few stainless nuts and bolts and am sure that with that little lot a subscription is the way to go but I wanna see which places I...
  16. Renewing Subscription

    XRV site support & help
    I have this message at the top of my screen Your site subscription expires in under a month (Mon, Jul 13 2009). Renewing early will extend your subscription by 12 months. I don't quite understand. Does that mean that if I renew early I get 24 months instead of 12 months for just renewing 'on...
  17. Subscription....

    XRV site support & help
    How will i know when it is time to Subscribe again.I am terrible with dates etc do i just wait until the green tick dissapears or can i check somewhere.Francis
  18. Subscription fascism

    Subscription and over-moderation I have not subscribed to this forum. I come here for casual chat and it kills a bit of time. I’ve had good conversation here, and from time to time I’ve found useful advice. But I’ve also given useful advice. I’ve bought stuff from the shop. In spite of this...
  19. Subscription Activation ????????

    XRV site support & help
    I realy dont want to be a pest, but I spoke to Annette and paid my subscription fee two weeks ago and I am still not activated as 'Subscribed' Can Anyone help ???? I have emailed Annette and texed but not recieved a reply. Might she be on holiday ??? :confused::confused::confused: Thanks...
  20. How Long to Activate Subscription?

    XRV site support & help
    I paid my subscription by PayPal on 6th September, emailed PayPal receipt and query to [email protected] on 10th but haven't heard back or been activated. Can anyone tell me how long their subscription too to get activated?